Just A Pawn

I don’t stand a chance against a knight, a bishop or a rook, I’m only a pawn. Pitilessly offered as a bait, mercilessly slaughtered, I’m merely a pawn. I  will never be able to conquer the king alone, I’m just a pawn. If left all by myself in a war, without my pawnmates,  I’m a […]

Ang Pamamayapa

Pangalawang balik ko na sa Embahada ng Lebanon. Suya sa init, kabado sa resulta, at bagot sa haba ng pila; nagkamali pa ng numerong napindot sa makinang nagtatakda kung pang-ilan ako sa mahabang linya, nahapo akong napaupo sa isa sa mga de-kutsong asul na silya sa bandang likuran. Luminga-linga, nagsisi ako na di ko nabitbit ang […]


If I were a word, I don’t wanna have a synonym, Substitutable by any words that seem to look the same, Delenda, growlery, haecceity, surely are irreplaceable, I want to be just like them, words rarely fungible. Love tricks us to believe it’s sticky, constant and for long, But like friendships, they either go on […]


What’s the difference between a 25 y/o Issa and a 24 one? A minute. Excuse my humor practice. I’ve been emotional lately that I cry seeing a yellow cake and a yellow bear. Was it a coincidence that I received presents with a touch of yellow? Never mind the question- it’s trivial. What matters is that I’m still alive on […]

Flee from Drab

When you’re gone, you’re away, you’re far, When you’re never close to wipe bitter tears at night, When emptiness & loneliness eats me bit by bit, When not a day goes by I don’t feel cold, ill and misfit… Andy whispers “hey”, and then speaks to remind me, “Issa, get busy living or get busy […]

Get Lucky


When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other. We all have our fair share of luck – good or bad. Question is: are you ready to get lucky? I’m no feng shui master nor star-reader, I’m just opinionated, ergo, here’s my […]