Here’s what to do when you’re absolutely sure your PLDT modem (Home DSL) is broken

If you haven’t yet called PLDT hotline (172), spoken to a human tech support, and received a ticket number – do that first. (It’s a must.)

Now after you have the ticket number, there is a fool-proof way of getting an immediate response from PLDT.

Copy on your follow-up email to The subject of the email can simply be the Ticket #.

Here’s a sample follow-up/complaint letter to PLDT:


Please advise the status of service request ticket #:__________________ with a phone number of ____________.

Kindly note that we’ve been waiting for your technician since (____date______).

We called your hotline number several times and your sales people kept promising ‘tomorrow’ but until now, we haven’t received any feedback. (You may change the wording as you see fit.)

Appreciate your prompt assistance.


[Your Name]

A few hours later, I received a reply. And the email communication kept going until someone from their team called me to promise a quick solution.

She was very pleasant and massively helpful. It took two days before the router was replaced. (But before I sent this email, it took about a week of waiting and hoping they would call or text us back.)

The moral of the story? Put the National Telecommunications Commission ( and DTI ( in the loop when you need a PLDT issue resolved fast. (It also works for business internet complaint.)

I don’t want you to go through the agony of calling the customer hotline again and again without  success. May your internet be fully restored, ASAP.



You might be charged P1,200 as a replacement fee for the router (to be added on your next bill). But in our case, the customer support said the replacement was free of charge. It’s best to check with them to be sure.


If you want to know if you can bring the modem to PLDT office directly, you can (I have John to thank for pointing this out). If you don’t have the time, wait until they dispatch technicians to your place to fix the modem issue.


Have you tried this technique? How was it? Let me know in the comments. Cheers!


5 Replies to “Here’s what to do when you’re absolutely sure your PLDT modem (Home DSL) is broken”

  1. Tried this one, too. But we only called them and it took a while. We should’ve emailed them. Thanks for the tips! Also, I was wondering if i include ntc and dti on my email, how do they help resolve the issue quicker? And if it’s an internet problem, would it be the same process? Thanks! 🙂

  2. Hi Ching!
    DTI’s job is protect consumers while NTC is the specific department handling telecom concerns and issues. I have trouble expressing anger on the phone so I find this route (putting gov’t agencies in the loop) more appealing.

    I used this technique before, when I was still working as an office manager. My theory (maybe others can also confirm this) is that these gov’t. agencies nudge PLDT to take action. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for other internet-related complaints. Please let me know if you find this method helpful. 🙂

  3. 100 % Effective. I’ve been calling their hotline for almost 3 weeks and i saw your blog about the same problem. I emailed them and cc’s ntc and dti. That same day they called to inform me that on the following day, a technician will replace my modem. Early next day, they replaced it. Thanks!!!!!

  4. i think this is helpful been trying to call their hotline for months i still have nothing . thanks for this will absolutely try this tomorrow ..

  5. I’m glad to find this article. Im having super slow internet for 4 days now. Every month laging may downtime tapos they (pldt philcom) charge the same amount of bill. =( i will surely include these two emails in my email again.

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