I’m just another woman who thinks like you do.

Saying so, I know how active your nerves are within a day. Since we have brains that refuse inactivity, we have to make sure we pack a day with work, play or a hobby.

Or else, our enemies prowling around like lions will eventually devour us. Listed below are some common women foes and how we could overcome them:

1. The past and gone

Walk slowly but never backwards. Probably one of our most useless habits is to rethink lines from past conversations and figure out if there are hidden meanings in statements. Sometimes, even a joke is interpreted as something serious. The past cannot be undone – it’s only useful for one thing: learning.

Let’s leave the baggage where it belongs: yesterday or yesteryears. This reminder might work to help us stop this habit of rewinding the past and gone: whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy- think about such things. Even if we continue to think for another decade, we can never run out of worthwhile things to ponder.

2. The Evils of Jealousy

Even God gets jealous (because He wants the best  kind of love), but a woman’s jealousy, who could stand? It’s irrational, and be honest, sometimes jealousy makes us do creepy things (e.g. stalking, castigating our beloved, etc.). When we’re jealous, we also engage in many pointless arguments.

If we think our partner could fall for another woman, then we do not want or need him (he’s not the right guy – no woman should put up with infidelity). But if we’re jealous because we don’t trust that we’re good enough to be cherished, we have a low self-esteem or a self-trust issue.

To be jealous is to admit that another woman has superior charms. Stop complaining while doing nothing. Let’s reclaim our charms and composure by sharpening our mind, getting in shape, keeping a cheerful attitude, and taking up a hobby ! Best of luck to us!

Live Curious

3. Brain starvation

Most women (even men) are discontented because they lack nourishing brain food. They’re vegetating. They’re mentally stagnating. While many women realize this, only some are willing to deal with the problem.

An idle hand is a devil’s workshop, so an idle mind is a bad thoughts factory.

Why do we see more female gossipers (Gossip Girls but never Gossip Boys) and fault finders than men? Because we’re not giving our brains enough work to do so they’re occupied with rubbish. No harm or offense meant, I know everyone loves a good chat, yet if it’s not feeding your mind anything healthy, leave it politely.

Check out Emily’s channel, the Brain Scoop, and try to emulate her burning curiosity. It’s a habit worth cultivating.

4. Inability to relax and enjoy

Count me in. Are you proud that you’re a workaholic? Are you frequently starved of sleep due to lack of peace? It’s been said over and over that plenty of sleep is imperative to beauty and trimmed waist (people who don’t get enough sleep tend to weigh more).

So does rest. Indulge in a nap, 10 to 20 minutes a day, and fight away worries by telling yourself: “It feels good to rest. I’ll feel refreshed soon after I rest.

Mind conditioning is the key to a restful nap or slumber. If it still doesn’t work, try a warm bath, a glass of milk, or a light massage. Exercise also helps ease your way to snooze land.


Take control of your nerves before they take their toll on your life. Let’s work it off, ladies! (Kill the monsters growing within.)

If you wish to read more about taking care of your mind, body, and spirit, check out Dr. E.B. Lowry’s book,  Herself.

It’s sharing time: What do you find helpful in fighting your own demons?

By Issa

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