Temple of Leah: A Photo Tour

First-time visitors to Cebu city find it flat, busy, and noisy until they discover lookout points such as the Tops and Temple of Leah.

When my fifth sister, Rhissan, and her friend, Elaine, came to visit me last August (yes, 2016), I decided to take them to the Temple of Leah. Why? Because 1) I’ve been to the Tops Lookout; 2)  I thought they might like this new attraction; and 3) I was sure they wouldn’t find a similar structure in Manila. 🙂

But before I could take them to the temple, I had to figure out how to get there without riding a motorcycle. My ex-boss just had a horrifying motorbike accident so it’s the last form of transportation I trust. The road to the temple is also frighteningly steep and winding, in my opinion. Plus my companions opted to wear dresses! haha. Kidding aside, I felt I was responsible for their safety so I chose to ride a taxi.statue-at-temple-of-leah

Temple of Leah: How to Get There

I don’t recommend you take a cab and pay P500 upfront from JY Square Mall to the temple. That’s highway robbery. I find it ridiculous that drivers charge around P1200 for a two-way trip.

Make technology work for you and book a Grab Taxi. Look at the screenshot below and see that the estimated cost for the distance is around P86-146. Offer to pay twice that amount, P300-350, to entice them to choose you. I paid the driver P350.


When we arrived at the gate, we paid P50 each for the entrance. You’ll see a single food stall once you get past the gate. Then you can buy soda, bottled water, and hotdog sandwiches. Look at the wall on the left side and you’ll read a Shuttle Service notice. It costs P15/person or P150 if you want to rent it for yourself.

Although they say the shuttle can be hailed from I.T. Park, they was no mention of a specific shuttle service schedule. From what I have observed, the van leaves every hour, the last trip that day (Sunday) was around 7pm.

According to a few top blogs, the temple’s opening hours are from 6AM to 11PM. Call 032-2335032 to confirm the schedule, especially if you’re planning to visit early or late at night. Contact them directly if you’re doing a professional photo session. You might need to pay more.

Was the trip worth it?

To me, the view from and of Temple of Leah was a welcome change of scenery. Like most unfinished works, however, expect that it’s not perfect so you’ll be less disappointed. The temple is massive – I can’t imagine how much the Adarna family had to spend to carve this out of the mountain.

So who exactly is Leah Albino-Adarna and who has dedicated this temple to her? Here’s your quick answer:

Leah Villa Albino-Adarna

I would only joke about this: when I die one day, I want my beloved to build me a bronze statue and house it in a temple with all the books and objects I love.

But Mr. Adarna is a man of action so he built this majestic monument of love for his dear wife. Whether she asked for it or not, I have no idea.

Of course, he wouldn’t have done it alone. Here’s the rest of the team behind this ambitious project.


A Photo Tour of Temple of Leah

Now, as promised. I’ll take you through the temple. Uninterrupted pictures ahead.











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