Aawitan Kita sa Disyerto

What’s the best way to beat the chilly, hilly and lonely desert Safari?

Getting Ready for the Camp

Some Pinoys, who had the mind and heart for real fun, thought a live band would be the best answer. Joined by Filipinos and some non-Filipinos of motley backgrounds, this sing-along by the bonfire never ceased till dawn in the midst of Hatta Desert Safari. Setting off from Dubai in the direction of Hatta and Oman,we quickly found ourselves in the desert scenery. We’re soon off-road and some 4×4s led us through a thrilling trek to the campsite.

Campsite at Safari

Upon unloading the four wheels, we were all greeted by a spine-chilling (literally feeling the cold from our back) wind that never subsided till 9AM. Setting up the tent shouldn’t have been so laborious if we had brought the necessary camping tools (but who would remember to bring enduring flashlights, comforters, sleeping bags, and knives at the height of excitement?).

Setting Up the Tent

Surprisingly, the coldness had not reached our souls that night, instead many of us were clad with spirits of familiarity and camaraderie. You seriously wouldn’t have enough time to get to know the names of everyone – had you the aim of doing so. Most Pinoys/Pinays I’ve met were nine-to-fivers seeking a change of environment, one even simply said she just wanted to try sleeping under the wide sky of glittering stars.

The Campers


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