What sets this series apart from other anime was the choice of a rare theme (Music) and a naturalistic, almost realistic story plot and interplay of characters led by a protagonist whose personality evolves in each passing episode.


It’s mainly about Koyuki’s slow yet amusing metamorphosis from a typical middle school student with no exceptional characteristics or talents to a popular and passionate musician of a band founded by musically gifted U.S.-raised Japanese, Minami Ryuusuke, whom he met when he saved his patched dog named BECK. His mundane lifestyle was transformed by the band and inspired by Maho, Ryuusuke’s sister, who never fails to get the best of him.


  • Original hit songs like “Moon on the Water” and “Slip Out”
  • distinctive characters- their development and intertwined stories
  • showcased a life-based drama of failure, success and struggle


  • These attractions are downplayed by the shoddy animation.

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