Bon Appetit @ Vivaldi

“What did I miss while I was away?”

“Yasser was talking about his cats.”

“Really? He has cats?”

“Yeah, I have six,” a deep yet cheery voice interrupted our chat.

“Oh..that’s a lot.”

“What breed are they?” another voice asked.

The ‘cat talk’ deepened but my eyes had started straying around the hotel’s interior, from the hallway of the restaurant lobby up to the ceiling, enjoying the odd figures drawn on them. I guess they were renaissance paintings, that period happens to be the only artistic era I’m familiar with.

“What did you order?”

“I’ll have spaghetti bolognese.”

“Just that?”

“Yeah. I love spaghetti,” forcing a convincing tone.

Truth was, I would love to have seafoods, but they were too pricey. On the menu list, everything except for spaghetti cost three-digits. It is always best to eat guilt-free.

“These prawns taste like heaven, would you like to try some?” the man beside offered.

“Are they? Hmm, look irresistible.” He then put a piece on my plate.


Across the table seated two gals, one of them sliced her steak and put it on my plate. I consumed the meat almost entirely forgetting I said “I love spaghetti” earlier. (So I stay seated at the elegant table, perturbed by my own unfitness and at the same time charmed by all that went on about me.)

Quarter to nine and we decided to leave yet the memory of that gastronomical feast lingered ’til slumber.

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