I See You

Near or far, you catch me breathless,
From a distance, you’re so blue and oh, so endless,
As I sit next to you, I’m cuddled with peace,
Yet your waves could often be such playful beasts.

You’re fun, you’re wild, you’re free yet priceless,
You rip my clothes, you simply love to get me undressed,
Your moods sink me to the bottom, make me float,and even wander,
Your temper might swing from warm, lukewarm, or cold.

You let the sun burn my skin, sap my strength, sip my fluids,
I desire you like nothing else; you’re always a thirst unquenched,
Could I ever fathom your plans? How deep, how wide, how strong are you?
My head bleeds, my heart yearns, “Let me know, let me love.

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