Poetry & Prose Patisserie looks like it’s made for friends who wish to share intimate conversations about life, love, and career.

Maybe it’s a stretch to say it’s a luxurious setting but it is one of those places where the ‘cafe society people’ would want to hang out.

And at this dessert haven I met Em, a good friend from college.

Let’s talk for a bit about her. If you see her walking on a shopping mall, you’d notice how men of all ages scan her with their admiring eyes.  I’m not sure what made us click as friends. She’s the school’s beauty queen, badminton player, and a cum laude. Yet somehow I know deep inside, she’s still the Em I could talk to. Or who would confide to me like we were still in college.

Anyway, tracking down the patisserie from Shangri-la Plaza’s main entrance was a puzzle. Em and I went through the rigmarole of searching for almost 15 minutes that I even blurted something absurd like,

Let’s just go to Starbucks.

Em, however, insisted we look for this patisserie. (And I’m glad she did.)

For as long as I’ve known Em, she hasn’t changed much.

I see the gracious, gorgeous and smart friend I-never-thought-I’d-be-able-to-hang-out-with, only it’s ten years later. You’d suspect she drinks a youth potion when you see her now, but truth is, she just takes care of herself really well. Besides the fact that she has barely aged since 2006, she remains one of the most determined people I’ve ever known.

She got a Ph.D and an extensive experience in teaching, business management and consulting. Most importantly, with her persistence, we found the spot for our long-overdue meet-up.

So, brunch, at last!

And she ordered a ton! I didn’t hold back, too. LOL. (The picture below is an incorrect representation. hahaha) 

A place of timeless poetry and prose

We never got to ask the staff why the place was named as such. I guess the owners are literati – you know those well-educated people who read, write, and talk about lofty ideas found in literature. Ask them for us when you get the chance to visit this spot, would you?

The pastry whiz seems to like romance and named this cake “Poetry”. What does it taste like? The answer is there: poetry.

So what you see is beauty and as you bite, you’ll savor intensely delicious flavors.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to take pictures of our main meals. We were so busy catching up that we didn’t pause to snap a photo of our food. Bad Instagrammer, I know. Conversation was non-stop.  Stories poured for hours. And it helped that the place was empty at that time (from 1pm to 4pm).

Until I had to leave.

Will I come back here? Definitely. Will I meet Em again? Sure! We were actually talking about traveling to Sagada and leaving everything behind. Our identities, our cares, except our wallets. And just explore the quaint town together – like what good old friends do. But I digress.

Go check out Poetry and Prose Patisserie to meet a colleague or a long-lost friend and make a good impression or lasting memories with them. Highly recommended.

Fast facts about Poetry & Prose Patisserie:

Address: 60115, Shangri La Plaza Main Wing, EDSA Cor Shaw Blvd, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila, Philippines

Contact Info: Facebook Page | Phone: +63 2 631 0420

Opening Hours: Sunday: 10AM–9PM | Monday – Thursday: 11AM–9PM |Friday – Saturday: 11AM–10PM |Saturday: 10AM–10PM

​Parking: Car park and valet

Specialties: Serves breakfast, lunch and coffee

By Issa

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