With the pristine sights of green fields, refreshing whizz of winds, chantings of rushing waters,  and everything around shaded by sunset, Lisa never felt a slight weariness walking home.

“Heavenly”, she sighed in awe.

Noiselessly, a grotesque figure with a broad head and a very round face came up and blocked her way. Though horrified, instinct drove Lisa’s feet to sprint to a nearby crowd- which unluckily, couldn’t be found in this part of the town.

Her heart was bursting out her chest trying to outrun the ghastly man. His limp right arm did not hinder his speedy legs from chasing Lisa to her breath’s end.

“Hold it,” a woman said placidly.
“Can’t you see he’s chasing me?” gasped Lisa.
“Because you’re running,” her calm reply.

In an instant, the huge guy ceased pursuing her. Motionless, his gaze was fixed on the old lady Lisa almost bumped into. She must be his mom, Lisa self-talked. Then switching her glances on their faces, she thought they hardly looked similar.

“You may go. Try not to run next time,” her parting words.

How odd. Did she think I was playing with her son? He looked horrible for a playmate, Lisa pondered ’til she reached home.

“Hi, mom” she raised her mom’s right hand to touch her forehead.

“You’re so wet. Were you running on your way home?” asked her Mom.
“You wouldn’t believe what happened. A monstrous man ran after me! I was terrified he’d hurt me.”
“I think I knew who you’re talking about. Just don’t run next time, he won’t hurt you.”

Who was this person? Didn’t he really intend to hurt me? Was I just hallucinating? Why did they think it was insane to run when you see someone who looked so distorted? Lisa slept with these queries unanswered.

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