Mango, H & M, Forever21, Longchamp, Addidas, Dior, Debenhams, Zara, Bath and Body Works and a whole lot more- greeted us with a wide and wild smile as we splurged in the spirit of DUBAI Summer Surprises. Branded clothes, make-up, jewelries, even electronics were (& still are) on sale in all malls of Dubai.

Our 12-hour roaming around Outlet Mall and Deira City Center was worth it. I felt like we were walking on air homeward with sore feet and legs.

I teased myself (yes, because I guess they’re afraid to point out the truth) for having the most paper bags full of motley stuff I shopped. I needed outfits for my Fitness First class. Though my health is not really that bad, I think I can’t leave to chance something as important as life itself.

Going back, I brought home these purchases:

  1. Sports bra – Before: 125 dhs or 1,437 PHP; Now:  29 dhs or 333 PHP
  2. Sports sando – Before: 125 dhs or 1,437 PHP; Now: 29 dhs or 333 PHP
  3. Two pairs of office shoes for 120 dhs  or 1,379 PHP
  4. Leather jacket from Mango – Before: 345 dhs or 3,966 PHP; Now: 169 dhs or 1,942 PHP

My fellow shoppers, Girlie and Whena, chuckled as I showed them the leather jacket. They asked: “Is it already WINTER?” I replied with a sly  smile – a spy’s way. I couldn’t tell them that the leather jacket is a piece closer to looking like Chuck’s handler, secret agent Sarah Walker.

Later that eve, I told Whena never to invite me to shop with them again or I’d be panic buying again simply for the fun of it. Now I truly understand why shopping is absolutely addicting for women, or maybe men, too.

Dubai Summer Suprises (DSS) continues to lure shoppers until July 14. You still have two weeks to shop to your heart’s content.

By Issa

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  1. […] I enrolled at Fitness First for a year, not because I was impressed with the results or reviews. My friend Whena gave me a guest pass one day and we bonded in their sauna and steam bath areas. That was the catch: if you are enervated after exercise, you get to pamper yourself in the most rejuvenating way. I even paid a personal trainer to work on my flaws. […]

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