I don’t stand a chance against a knight, a bishop or a rook,
I’m only a pawn.

Pitilessly offered as a bait, mercilessly slaughtered,
I’m merely a pawn.
I  will never be able to conquer the king alone,
I’m just a pawn.
If left all by myself in a war, without my pawnmates,
 I’m a dead pawn.
I don’t have the luxury of moving backwards,
I’m a pawn.
I can’t choose to remain where I am,
I’m a pawn.
A pawn is made to be pushed, so I shall push,
Push forward, oh, pawn.
A handsome piece made to meet its end-
To bid to become queen.
Precious queen, at last, an indispensable pièce,
No longer a pawn.

By Issa

2 thoughts on “Just A Pawn”
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