Elan Gurl

Look at the girl, isn’t her smile so refreshing?
That familiar face,
Filled with expectations,
Of great things about the future,
Without care in the world,
When she cries, she’s unstoppable. So it is when she laughs. Contagious.
When I’ve seen this picture, I feel like my essential self, the child in me, has been restored.

This smile made my day gay and bright. (Nabulong ko sa sarili ko: “Si Elan talaga, manang-mana sa Tita!”)



4 responses

  1. waw.. yung inaanak ko na ba yan? anlaki na pala at magandang bata.

  2. Haha.. Magaling din sa school!! Mana sa ninong? 😉

  3. Lovely post. I feel the same way about my daughters!

  4. cute kid!! ganda ng smile nya

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