Slumbering like a baby in a tiny room, I awoke as my aunt shook my left shoulder. I didn’t hear myself scream, but the neighboring rooms might have panicked, and laughed as I shouted too loud. Perhaps they were wondrin’..what happened to me.

It was a quick, all mixed-up dream, but I was able to recall some of them.

My eldest sister gave birth to a super tiny baby whom my family members just ignored. I told her there must be something wrong with the baby because it looked too small. I tried counting how many months old the baby was- six months and still the size of a hand.

Then and there. The next scene was a quest in the forest – perhaps I was looking for a cure for the baby’s condition.

Then a few blurry scenes I barely remember and I stopped in a sink near the exit of the forest. There were even lovers plotting their next meeting. They were ignoring me. Or maybe they just didn’t see me at all.

Perspective’s back to the baby – it turned into a doll! And I wonder why I didn’t mind the transformation – I didn’t even scream.

A stocky, brown-skinned woman with a wavy hair and beady eyes spoke while  looking at me intently,

‘Yari ka’.

I asked, just in my mind, ‘what? why?’ Then loudly, I said, ‘What did I do?’

‘Pag hakbang mo nang tatlo at may makakasalubong kang lalaki, batiin mo. Pag babae, wag mong pansinin,’ she warned.

Unsettled, and still puzzled, I was unable to do as I was instructed.

Weird ’cause I stepped more than three and I passed by some men who didn’t seem to see me. All of a sudden, I came across a girl, about my age, wearing all white long sleeves and pants, and a face I don’t recognize.

Then, out of the blue, I said, “Thank you.”

I thought she didn’t notice nor hear me, but what a shock!

She whispered something to my right ear from the back! I believe that’s when I screamed so loud. Good thing, my aunt was there to wake me up.

That was supposed to be a second nap for the day, which turned into quite a deep sleep.

As I said, I rarely dream, and when I do I knew it meant something or it was caused by something. Of course, I knew why. Or do I?

By Issa

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