Saved by the Ash

While tons of stranded Britons must be cursing Eyjafjallajoekull Volcano’s eruption, I was saved by it from reprimands due to late action. Though the volcano erupted last week, April 14, to be exact, the ash left airspace unfit for travel.

And how did it save me? I was supposed to book a German doctor’s flight from Berlin to Abu Dhabi, yet his preference was unavailable so I put him on waiting list. There. Until April 19, the booking was not confirmed so I almost panicked to death (yeah, I sometimes worry this much). So I spoke to the Travel Agent supervisor to give me other travel options, which happened to be just one. Emirates Air from Rome. The only open flight from Europe to UAE. Since the Doctor-Speaker is traveling from Berlin, he has to take the train before he could fly to UAE. Crap.

My boss wants him to fly through LH because the connected flights are more convenient for him since he’s coming from Berlin yet what is available now is the flight from Rome,only.OUCH.

Anyway, the ash was the best excuse. And it makes me thank this disaster for saving me from my dilemma. Yet, how many suffered? That had me thinking.. instead of celebrating, I should have been mourning in silence. God, claim their souls.

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  1. Unexpected disasters really can be blessings in disguise.
    I’m sooo happy that you’re safe, Issa. –,

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