In 2011, 7 billion people will populate planet Earth. – National Geographic

Have you ever thought about how many people can the earth sustain? Every nation should seek to reconcile people’s ever-increasing needs and wants and the world’s decreasing resources.

Perhaps everyone will agree with my plea: “Let’s stop making more babies.”

Coming from a large family (I have 6 sisters and 1 brother!), I witnessed the pains (and some fun) of having many kids. Lots of mouths to feed, costly tuition fees, house-maintenance expenses.. pls. don’t let me go on. Sometimes I couldn’t help but ask, “what if Nay and Tay made some plans?”

Pinas is slow in its implementation of a wide-scale awareness campaign on ideal family size and safe sex. Imagine the RH bill was submitted just last Feb. 21 this year. Afraid of moral decay, religious groups are against the bill. Yet I see nothing bad with these sections 18,20 and 24.

I can relate with the ancient fear of “the population bomb”. What about you? What’s your side on the issue? How do you think we should address overpopulation? Before you disagree with the bill, read this first.

Aspen Environment invites everyone to join the forum on May 31st, “9 Billion at Mid-Century: Then What?” Wanna join?


By Issa

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