Aiming to get visitors to our site, The Most Expensive dot Info, I posted a picture of the most expensive umbrella in the world on my facebook page. I didn’t know the frequent posts on most expensive stuff would arouse some feelings my facebook friends have.

Perhaps this is just not one of those days people appreciate insanely pricey purchases as fun facts.

My serious and sentimental side can’t help but ponder: “When have I been a gold-lover?” Though there’s no need to explain, I am so sure the answer is “never“. A day ago, this friend told me I was desperate to be resigning so soon and now she’s quoting on my fb page these lines:

“My dear Carissa, the most expensive things in life are the ones you cant buy, love, waking up in the morning, being with loved ones that make your heart move, feeling loved, all the rest are things you can buy…”

All along, she agrees with me.

By Issa

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