Yippie! I Got Invited to a Harry Potter Party!

When you wish a friend a magical birthday, you should be prepared to be taken seriously.

So eager was she to fulfil our wish for her birthday that she threw a Harry Potter party! This funtastic idea never crossed my mind while writing about birthday party ideas way back 2012 . It’s definitely one for the books!

I was referring to Ching’s birthday party. (She’ll likely write about it so be sure to visit her awesome blog.)

Ching of www.chingsadaya.com
Ching of www.chingsadaya.com

Now, here are a few teasers of the much-awaited event of the month.

Harry Potter tie

Ching was able to see beyond the future. She had these Harry Potter ties ready in case the Hogwarts visitors forget theirs. Though the thread ran a bit short, I used magic to fit it round my neck.

Harry potter refreshment

Sweet treats welcomed us next, each kind had a queer container and name! I feel like I’m inside a shop full of sweets.

harry potter sweet goodies

Indeed, this creation is a magnificent display of wizardry. Great job, Ching!

butter beer for party
Photo by Ching Sadaya

Of course no celebration is complete without some great-tasting beer!

Wait, did you know that today is the International Beer Day? What a coincidence! Perfect timing for the famous wizarding drink: the butterbeer! Kampai!

International Beer Day
Thank you Libs for taking this picture!

When you’re among Ching’s guests, you’d wish it’s her birthday every day. No one wants an event this fun to end. But that’d be too selfish to ask since it’s obvious she put a huge effort into this themed party. (Her dad said the preparation took as long as three weeks.)

Again, many happy returns, Ching! And super thanks for the invitation to your extraordinary birthday!


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