Why say more than you ought? Learn to leave out some words that belabor expression.

  • First of all I shall give you a lesson in Vocabulary, and last of all in Composition. Omit “of all” as it is unnecessary.
  • I sought him throughout the whole country. Leave out “whole” because it’s already implied in “throughout”.
  • He rose up and left the room. Ditch “up” as it is absurd to say “rise down.”
  • Iron sinks down in water. Leave out “down”.
  • He combined together these facts. Omit “together” as it’s implied in “combined”.
  • We could not forbear from doing it. Leave out “from”, or you may replace it with, “refrain from”.
  • I can do it equally as well as he. Using “equally” is superfluous. Leave it out.
  • Nobody else but him, should be, Nobody but him.
  • Before I do that, I must first be paid. Leave out “first”. Say, “Before I do that, I must be paid.”
  • My brother called on me, and we both took a walk. Leave out “both”, it is unnecessary.

I hope you find them helpful. I’ll keep updating this list.

Remember, sometimes “less is more”. 🙂

By Issa

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