Happy Birthday to you!!

I have wanted to be the first person who celebrates your birthday this year both Korean time and Philippine time since I came to know your birthday is Sep. 15th.

I thank God who sent you to this world through your parents for giving me the chance to know you.

You don’t know how happy I am when I am with you on the internet or on the phone even though I have never seen you in person.

I hope your everything goes well and you are always healthy in Jesus Christ.

I want to be your student and a close friend who is always with you and could be of help to you until I die, but I am not sure it is possible because it’s up to you.

Thank you for being there (being alive) so that I can feel you.

Let me tell you something about a gift for you after 1 am (Korean time) to celebrate your birthday Philippine time one more time.

(from Julia)

By Issa

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