Living away from my mom’s kitchen isn’t easy. Every OFW knows that quite well. Normal people (i.e. single yuppies) usually gorge themselves with chocolates, chips, and fried foods. Those who aren’t part of the normal group eat oats or cereals.

I’m not proud that I don’t cook. I think I can (like corned beef with cabbage and carrots). But I’d rather not. Grocery stores have varied food products to offer. We’ve been frequent consumers of Kellog’s and Nestle cereals. Quaker oats has been a mainstay in our food closet, too.

Being away from home gave me freedom to choose what I want to eat. I’m happy with this newfound liberty.

If you asked me which is way better to eat, oats or cereals, I’d tell you to stick to eating lots of oats. Read about it here. I used to eat cereals in the morning because I thought it would greatly ease digestion. I’ve proven that fiber-rich oats do better. My recent discovery is puffed oats from rude health.

The packaging is a humble recycled and recycable box with people doing various stunts and exercises. The back  portion of the box, where nutritional facts are usually written, contains a lot of convincing ads and info about puffed oats and other Rude Health products. While having a solitary breakfast, I was mesmerized by Rude Health’s marketing ploy. Two points astonished me:

1.What gets us up in the morning? Making tasty breakfasts. Life’s too short to eat food you don’t enjoy. So we choose ingredients that taste amazing. The real deal: If you think tasteless and toasty oats are amazing, you’re in for a treat.

2.Why our puffed oats will put a spring in your step? We select the finest oats, grown sustainably on small farms.We take the oats and tenderly load them into a giant popping machine. One minute they’re flat little grains, the next minute they’re plump pillows of breakfast wonder. Truth be told: Yes the grains looked rather cute but they can’t be considered a breakfast wonder – didn’t notice my pupils dilate even for a sec.

If I recall it right, a box of puffed oats cost me thrice as much as a pack of Quaker oats. I have no resentment, just a learning experience. No more puffed oats on my next grocery list. I tried truly hard not to be rude.

By Issa

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