Season’s Switch

Cool breeze greeted my cheeks with its soft kiss as I opened the main door of the flat. Summer waned, winter has slowly crept in. “The best months are to come”, I heard myself say.

Most cab drivers knew that many Filipinos are working in the UAE. One of them even happily said he preferred Pinay gfs because they are ‘maasikaso, maalaga, and maalalahanin.’ He uttered those very words with a ridiculous accent. I suppressed a laugh, I simply praised his attempt to joke (e.g. “nice try”).

I’ve gained a few acquaintances, mostly colleagues and my relatives’ friends, even fewer friends in my 10 months of stay here. I’m not really picky, I’m just not desperate to ask anyone I come across the street to be my friend. Dubai is still a “workplace” for most people..hardly a “home”.

That view remains, and will never change.

Regarding the fearsome picture of crowding sex maniacs, I bet it’s another exaggerrated tale. I’m not saying it’s a holy place either. Onlookers are everywhere,they are not exclusively situated in Dubai. Maybe, most minds are hard-wired with malice? I can’t tell all the reasons, but I’d say most of the ‘stares’ I get from passersby and bystanders are no less than what I get back in my home country. Not dangerous, not fatal- if utterly ignored.

If not? Then that begins another story I’d rather not tell. I think you can understand what I’m trying to say. Approach Dubai as if you were a kid in a field trip and no one will hurt you nor harass you (lest they’re pedophiles!). See and treat everyone as a human being, and he/she will act like one. A basic rule, I suppose.

A few more months and the trip will be cut awhile. With the bliss ahead, I can’t wait. 🙂

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