So…She’s the One!


Mayim Bialik

Have I told you how Sheldon Cooper is making me happy? Lots of dull to dark hours have been turned into laughter (though usually alone) every time I watch  the oddest cast of The Big Bang Theory. Who could resist loving Sheldon? He’s hilariously blunt, formidably self-confident, supremely intelligent, and lastly (of which I’m fondest among all his traits), he’s a word expert. I can’t remember how many times I had to make a trip to just to extract humor in the lines he throws.

Of his absolute apathy towards eros (i.e. a desire for sexual intimacy), I was totally certain he wouldn’t ever find a perfect match. Yet at the closing episode of Season three, holy crap, someone was scientifically designed just for him. Meet Amy Farrah Fowler.

Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady always know how to end each season with a BANG.

Interestingly, a quick trip to Wiki reveals that among the casts of Big Bang Theory, Amy Farrah Fowler (or Mayim Bialik) is the only true scientist, a Neuroscientist specifically. Yay, whatta girl! I couldn’t be more jealous.





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