Would You Blush?

If you’re heading a sinking ship filled with apathetic whiners, would you risk your own life saving it? Or would you rather throw out a escape boat, securing your own safety?

If you’d say yes to the first question, you’re indeed a blind and deaf hero- which you ought not be.

I was immersed with sweat controlling my reactions as I hear their selfish arguments. Well, it’s so natural for people to grumble when they’re denied comfort and convenience. Yet when you haven’t paid a cent to enjoy such, why even let out a grunt?

I’ve been telling the lessor to think of her status- of her business. Assess how people return her investments. I almost told her to give up the flat if people are not paying for what they used.

I couldn’t believe I’m seeing this ‘bunch’ of people even here. They totally don’t know how to blush.

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