At the crack of each dawn, Lisa hurriedly gets out of bed and goes to her aunt’s bakery shop tagging along two of her younger siblings to help out. Filing the biscuits on silver trays before they’re put inside the oven is as easy as a pie. That’s why even Lisa’s younger sisters could do the task just fine.

In about an hour or two, they’re good to go, bringing home pan de sal as breakfast for their other siblings. As for Lisa, it’s not the end of business yet:

“I’ll carry ten packs; I bet I’ll have lots of buyers today.”
“Really?”her aunt beamed. “Do your classmates like it?”
“Of course. No one else sells this kind but me,” she replied.

The little favor she does for her aunt affords her twice as much her daily allowance to school. She loves having more than what she needed. Yet her sunny disposition doesn’t seem to find her luck all the time.

“I’ll have banana cue today,” a curly-haired gal spoke.
“No, I carried lunch today,” another answered.

This is just crap. Should I eat all of these biscuits for lunch? Lisa grumbled to herself.

Business in school isn’t this dim all the time, especially after Lisa’s singing talent has been discovered, oddly through a spiritual song she and her older sister used to sing as a duet in their previous church:

“May isang sanggol na aking narinig, sya’y umiiyak, ina’y hinahanap, at aking naalala ang sabi sa bibliya, ang kaharian ng Diyos ay para sa kanila.”

That was the part she used to sing, then they would sing in chorus for this part:

“O kay sarap na mabatid, na sa tuwina doon sa langit, na may Diyos na lagi nang nakamasid.”

The applause from a strange crowd made Lisa smile. She wanted more.

By Issa

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One thought on “Zest for School”
  1. Actually I’ll still this song during my childhood in elementary I have a twin classmate both of them is a girl always singing this song inside the classroom
    when i was a grade three student in Lagao Elementary School back in 1987- 1988. Pleased me I know of what is the title of this song. Thank you very much .

    Warm regards,
    Bobby Camacho

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