Fab Five: The Last 5 Books I Was Thrilled to Read

five recommended books

Hey, guys. I’d like to share with you the last five books that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I have a simple rule about choosing what to read: I need to enjoy them. If I don’t get hooked during the first few pages, I’ll stop. It’s not like school where you have to force yourself to read a book for a review later. Anyway, happy to share my favorites plus a one-sentence comment about each book.

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On Family

On Love

On Humor

On Character

Please share with me your (fiction or non-fiction) book list. I’ll try to check them all. Happy reading!


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  1. 1/5. HAHA. Eleanor and Park has always been part of my favorite list. Totally a romantic story that gently tears my heart. AHAHAHA.

  2. Hey, Marj! Thanks for visiting! haha.. Kilig ang Eleanor and Park di ba? It’s also an easy read, you can finish it in one sitting. Let’s wait for a disappointing movie version? haha.. Kidding.

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