Flee from Drab

When you’re gone, you’re away, you’re far, When you’re never close to wipe bitter tears at night, When emptiness & loneliness eats me bit by bit, When not a day goes by I don’t feel cold, ill and misfit… Andy whispers “hey”, and then speaks to remind me, “Issa, get busy living or get busy […]


Do I love you just for your sunny soul? For the brightness you cast on my daily toil? Do I cherish you simply for your sought-after smile? Of which sweetness (and madness)my heart swell (in delight)? Perhaps I have loved you for your timely words, Sharp as a pen’s edge yet healing my wounds, Maybe […]

Si Tatay

He never called me pretty, Never did he say I’m his princess, Rarely did I please him with my clothes, Hardly did he like my hair long. He let me dig pits in the backyard, Fetch containers of water from afar, He’d scold me when I neglect my siblings, He’d hate me when of them, […]