Do I love you just for your sunny soul?
For the brightness you cast on my daily toil?
Do I cherish you simply for your sought-after smile?
Of which sweetness (and madness)my heart swell (in delight)?

Perhaps I have loved you for your timely words,
Sharp as a pen’s edge yet healing my wounds,
Maybe I’m bewitched by the way you see me,
Never been viewed perspicaciously by anybody.

Once you asked, indirectly, if I’d still remain,
Much of a loving soul as I am to you today,
When you’ve turned blind, crippled, deaf or mute,
or simply when your charm faded as time flew.

A reply quickly sprang up from my head,
Why not would I continue to glance,
When you’re ugly or your senses went bad?
But then I held these thoughts back to rethink.

Could I honestly be a lover through thick and thin?
When you’ve stopped shining, should good feelings cease?
What if you were struck simultaneously with ill fate,
would I keep standing by your side ’til I see you fit?

I know time clarifies everything, yet wait!
What are vows for? Are binds mere futile chains?
Is it so hard to ascertain a love that couldn’t end? (but by death)
Is it much a chore or too frightening to swear?

Too much thinking spoils fun, eh, chill out.
Love’s neither a contract nor spell (no wonder why even words do fail),
Maybe it’s much like the air we breathe,

freely given, a much-needed supply,

So best to seize it, while it lasts ..

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