My first time alone with our baby, Fujifilm X-A2, was a fun trip to the mountains.

In a stroke of serendipity, Marj of dakilanglaagan invited me to chase the picture-perfect sunset at Mt. Naupa.

Mt. Naupa

Mt. Naupa, located in the city of Naga, stands about 584 meters (you’re allowed to fact-check this). It is among the mountains in Cebu that a beginner can climb with relative ease.

The biggest payoff  of this hike was drinking the cool, fresh mountain breeze

I used ‘hike’ instead of ‘trek’ because this is a charted territory, meaning it’s ‘beginner-friendly’ as long as you have a guide. Meet Sir Jude Morales, our lead hiker, and his adorable daughter,Mae, the youngest of the squad.


We were also blessed to have with us a bunch of hiking pros who made socializing and trotting up and down the hills a breeze.

Hiking prosIt’s also extra comforting that I was not the only beginner in the group.  Shared inadequacy brings first-timers closer together.

first-time hikers
Smile, first-time hikers! 🙂

What to Expect from Mt. Naupa

Look forward to meeting new,  equally adventure-thirsty people.

meet new people

Be ready to roll in the grass – sometimes the effect is an instagram-worthy shot like this. What do you think?


Prepare for photographers who feel entitled to direct your pose.  Guilty me. (Great job, Arjuna!)

peak of mount naupa

Brush up on your ninja skills while waiting for sundown.

ninja in Mt NaupaCatch the glorious sunset and block the view for visual effects.

Thanks heaps for this shot, Laarni!
Thanks heaps for this shot, Laarni!

Be challenged by this uber-cute hiker whose smile captured the hearts of many. Her father said the route is child’s play or ‘chill’.  She easily proved her dad was right.

youngest Mt. Naupa hiker

That fierce look signals she’s ready for any altitude. Mae and her dad went up another hill – no mountain is too high for this kiddo.

Mae: My Favorite Subject

If you haven’t noticed, I took more photos of Mae than any other hikers.

a kid enjoys a hike at Mt. Naupa

Her smiling eyes can’t deny how much fun she’s having. To an amateur photographer, that’s irresistible.

I also caught a glimpse of this bond.

father and daughter love

The gift of adventure is one of the best presents a father can give his daughter.


By Issa

8 thoughts on “14 of My Favorite Shots at Mt. Naupa”
  1. Congrats on your first hike, Issa! Mt. Naupa offers amazing views for first time or seasoned hikers alike. And nice photos you have there. I just love the father-daughter shot. 🙂

  2. Thanks Gian and Sheila! 🙂 You know what keeps me going – the next rock climbing dare from you guys.

    Can I come with you on your next ‘beginner-friendly’ hike? haha..

    Thanks daan. 🙂

  3. Thanks for featuring Mae in your blog. She’ll be back in Naupa tomorrow and this time with other kids.

  4. Hi Sir! Thanks for dropping by.
    She truly inspired me!

    You’re going back to Mt. Naupa? I hope I could join again.. soon!
    Kisses to Mae please!

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