What I Love About Eating in Cebu: Abaca Baking Company

What I Love About Eating in Cebu: Abaca Baking Company

Abaca Baking Company serves homestyle breakfast (all day) as well as soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, and mains. I have tried some of their dishes but there’s one that I always love to order again and again.

Tada: Vegetable Chopped!

Abaca Baking Company Vegetable Chopped

Vegetable Chopped (only available from 11AM onwards)

On above image, the salad mix is topped with herb roasted chicken breast. This huge bowl of chopped veggies with cashew nuts,  quinoa and lemon vinaigrette costs P395. With the meat added, it’s P495. Believe it or not, the serving is enough for two people – even for those with voracious appetite for vegetables.

Abaca Baking Company with Neil Yamit

Salad as meal? That’s ridiculous!

But Neil’s laughing. He doesn’t believe that a bowl of salad is a valid meal. He eats vegetables for sure but he needs something more substantial. So we ended up adding a sandwich platter.

You guessed it right. It’s Cuban Sandwich!

The menu says: Cuban smoked, braised and roasted pork, pickles & spicy mojo on a cuban roll

They say gorging on Cuban Sandwich will make you a great salsa dancer. If you have such aspirations, it may be worth adding this sandwich to your order. A serving is good for two (in my opinion) and costs P375.

But what if you came too early and couldn’t order these “exclusively after 11am dishes”? I know that their branches in Ayala Center Cebu and Crossroads are open as early as 7am. We went there last Valentine’s Day for an early morning date.


There are other breakfast meals to choose from if you happen to arrive earlier than 11am. Don’t panic.

My pick?

Hand Rolled Bagel Abaca Baking Company

Hand Rolled Bagel, traditional garnish and cream cheese (P275)

As for drinks, you know coffee is a must. They serve a cup of brewed coffee only for P60, while Cafe Americano costs P120. For friends who like refreshing drinks in the morning, fruit smoothies and juices are available, too.

To end this post on a high note, be sure to avail their Daily Sale. We’ve been lucky twice. See you at Abaca Baking Company. 🙂

Tell me, what are your favorite dishes from Abaca? Share them in the comments below. Wish you good  health and happy dining!

P.S. Friends who like to ask me out for lunch, you know where to take me. I’d gladly split the bill with you for the salad.

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