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For weeks, I’ve been craving a bowl of ramen, a plateful of gyoza and three spoonfuls of Japanese-style fried rice. With the rainy weather early this evening, Neil, a fellow foodie and self-confessed ramen lover, suggested the nearest ramen spot from his office, Hamakaze Dining and Bar – a hole-in-the-wall Japanese resto along A.S. Fortuna, Cebu. (Yes, it’s right across Jollibee.)

This humble Japanese bistro is one of our go-to places for flavorful ramen and delicious fried rice! Yoshuken Ramen is also another essential ramen restaurant within the area. But that’s a discussion for another day. Today, let’s focus on Hamakaze.

Counter at Hamakaze Dining and Bar

That’s Neil at the counter

As you can see, we are no ramen experts. Both bowls of ramen soup remained untouched – that’s because we just like slurping the noodles. There’s also just one piece of Gyoza left. Their gyoza tastes good (though not as good as Yoshuken’s) but we’re full so we couldn’t finish it.

Tomato Ramen

Tomato Ramen (P320)

Even before the wait staff told us about their running promotion (i.e. order ramen number 4 and 9 and you’ll get a free plate of gyoza), I’d already made up my mind to order this bowl. First, it’s tomato-flavored! Second, I’ve never tried it before.

(Btw, if you’re interested in their promotion, call ahead before you visit:032-505 4220).

Hamakaze Dining and Bar - Collagen Ramen

Chicken collagen soup shrimp flavor (P300)

Neil said it was slurp-worthy.

Hamakaze’s noodles come in 10 different flavors. Do you know what that means? You may eat here for 10 days straight without having to eat the same ramen.

Hamakaze Dining and Bar_Chahan_Rice

Garlic Pork Chahan – Japanese Style Fried Rice (P200)

For Filipino diners who cannot forgo their affair with rice, this ramen place has a chahan you can order. Their fried rice comes in two different flavors.

Gyoza - Hamakaze Dining and Bar

Japanese Pan-fried dumplings – Gyoza (P150)

Filled with tasty meat, this dumpling tastes better when you dip it in soy sauce. But as I mentioned earlier, I prefer Yoshuken’s gyoza because they have veggies instead of ground meat inside the wrap. Lovely appetizer, still. The proof is in the aftermath: from five, it’s down to one.

Have you been to Hamakaze Dining and Bar? If you can’t locate it, just type “East-West Bank A.S. Fortuna” on the map and you’ll find it sitting pretty beside. They are both in AYS Building.

Hamakaze is open for lunch (12nn – 3pm) and dinner (6pm-4am). I doubt if they deliver, though. Most good ramen places don’t.

Anyway, if you happen to dine here, share your thoughts in the comments below. Hope you enjoy every slurp!

*Note: Apparently including the header, there are six photos! That’s a bonus. 😀

UPDATE: I recently tried ramen #5 – their tsukumen ramen. Take a look and remember to try it when you visit.

Tsukumen Ramen

I finished it, including the soup, in just 10 minutes.

Hamakaze Dining and Bar

Location: Address: AYS Bldg., A. S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City, 6014, Cebu

Phone: (032) 505 4220

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  1. […] There’s a printed instruction on how to properly slurp Yushoken’s ramen. (1) Eat it while it’s piping hot; (2) Never share a bowl with your dining companion; and (3) Only use chopsticks. But I violated rules 1 and 2. I can say this with confidence: Yushoken’s tantanmen is more delicious than Hamakaze’s. (When it comes to tsukemen or ‘dipping noodles’, though, Hamakaze wins.) […]

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