Of Rolling Hills, Daunting Steps, and Magical Sunset in Mt. Tapyas, Coron

Of Rolling Hills, Daunting Steps, and Magical Sunset in Mt. Tapyas, Coron

When you reach Coron town proper, don’t forget to look up and check out Mt. Tapyas. The label “CORON” in white font will be your guide. If you’ve searched other blogs about the way to Mt. Tapyas, you’d be told to look for Malvar Street and an Iglesia ni Cristo church. Once you spot this signage, you’re really close… to a stairway (made of 700+ steps) to the top.

Pace yourself. It’s not a race to the top. Stop when you can at benches provided. Take pictures and enjoy the curious sight every elevation affords.

Whatever you do, smile. It gets easier when you don’t curse each step. The beauty that awaits on top of Mt. Tapyas justifies the burning sensation in your calves.

This hike treats your body to a much-needed exercise. At least, that was what I thought. My shirt was drenched  with sweat when we reached the top.

Sunset was supposed to be at 6pm that day (September 9). We reached the top 30 minutes earlier. It gave us enough time to explore the area surrounding the viewdeck.

Rolling Hills Near Mt. Tapyas

I’ve never read about hills near Mt. Tapyas’ viewdeck. The grass was so green, so refreshing. But walk through them and you will suffer their blades.

At Neil’s insistence, I had to sit on them. Imagine the itch the tiny blades induced. Don’t worry, they won’t inflict ugly cuts unlike their ferocious counterparts.

Trying to look for great spots to take pictures, I took a photo of anything I found interesting. I guess, it’s time to stop and just share with you the hike to Mt Tapyas in photo series.




Mt Tapyas hike

Mt. Tapyas Sights

Almost Sunset

Mt. Tapyas Magical Sunset

Cross on top of Mt Tapyas Coron Mainland

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