Coron conjures up images of scenic lakes, towering karst rock formations, steep cliffs… but not coffee shops. I heard a story from one traveler who tried some authentic coffee brew prepared by Tagbanua people but we were not part of that eco-tour.

Luckily, we found a few cozy coffee corners during our stay that I think coffee drinkers and lovers should at least try. When you travel with us, you’ll notice that we tend to relax on our first day. No tours. No restaurant reservations. No itinerary.

Instead, we wander about for hours keeping an eye out for good spots to hang out.

It took a few strolls around Coron town to get oriented. From our location (R & R Bayview Inn), the neighborhood was pretty easy to map out. There’s just one main road where most tourists and locals walk along. If you follow the National Highway, you will find good coffee stops.

Here are a few worth-sharing spots:

1. Coffee Kong

Coron Coffee Shops - Coffee Kong

Arriving at an early afternoon made us yearn for a cool spot to chill. Coffee Kong came into view and we knew we had to see what sort of coffee it served.

Some tables were as artsy as the one on the picture above. The place was practically empty around 3pm so I took several snaps of the place. Globe’s LTE also worked perfectly inside. (Smart LTE was spotty.)

Coron Coffee ShopAround 15 people can sit comfortably inside and the staff had a ready smile. There’s a quote on the wall that reminds guests to take it easy. Every visitor in this shop may have easily felt he or she is on vacation mode. Their Americano coffee is decent,  no strong flavors nor distinct aroma, with clean aftertaste.

2. La Morena

La Morena Coron Coffee Shop

La Morena is a place for nightwalkers, which literally means people who walk around at night. It’s like a haunted house at the upper floor with ancient windows and little dolls (used by witches) strewn about.

At the ground floor, there’s a spot for children to play but if you visit in the evening, it looked like a dollhouse where ghosts lurk waiting for their next victims or playmates. Their Americano coffee was fine. Nothing spectacular. Yet their dessert was the sweet treat every true blooded  Pinoy would love.

For me, their desserts and drinks were okay. The eerie vibe was a huge plus. It makes a fun talking point, especially for the not so brave in the group.

3. Tea and Shakes

Tea and Shake Coron Coffee Shop

I can’t deny favoritism. We’re humans, after all. When a coffee place checks all the things you like, loyalty is forged.

The first time we tasted coffee at Tea and Shake, we knew it would be the one. You’d be happily stranded for an hour waiting here.

Coron Tea and ShakeThe interior design was eclectic yet somehow interesting. My social media savvy friends, Jewel and Rob, took tons of pictures of themselves with the walls, chairs and tables as their backdrop. Meanwhile, Neil and I were irresistibly drawn by the coffee flavor, mouthfeel, and aftertaste. I forgot to ask about their beans, roasting techniques, and brewing process so please ask them when you get a chance to visit the place.

Coron has plenty of other coffee shops that are worth stopping by. When you discover one worth sharing, feel free to  leave a comment below. Happy coffee shop hopping in Coron.

Header Photo Credit: Jewel Clicks

By Issa

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