Underwater Coron Island

Love underwater photos? I’m not in the mood to write a lengthy post so I decided to simply share with you a few photos of Coron Island’s underwater treasures. This is not film-grade quality but it’s something. Plus, it’s free. So, you’re welcome to ogle these images or use them as teasers so your buddies won’t stop resisting the urge to explore the gem that is Coron Island.

I lied, I still talked a lot. So, without further ado, here are more underwater pictures for you. Ciao!


Coron Skeleton Wreck

That’s Neil just recovering from the deep dive. He knew he could reach the wreck but hesitated. If in doubt, just return to the surface and start fresh.

Coron Island Skeleton Wreck

Neil doesn’t want me to post this but he’s so close to the wreck. Isn’t he? The trail of bubbles is quite funny though. Get my drift?

Skeleton Wreck Dive in Coron

Inches from the Skeleton Wreck

Skeleton Wreck - out of breath

Giving up the dive-Skeleton Wreck Coron

He’s not looking at my GoPro camera but I imagine the look of longing on his face. Almost there. Sigh.

Skeleton Wreck Amateur Divers

Well, they both tried. More free diving training before one can dare touch this remnant. Another reason to return to Coron.

So long Skeleton Wreck

Until then, Skeleton Wreck! See you real soon!

By Issa

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