Get your fill of savoury, healthy and budget-friendly Korean dishes at Topokki Man.

My colleagues and friends know how much I love eating out and trying new food. I often say “I’m on a diet” yet I’d be the first to swoon the moment our food arrives. I feel the same excitement when I’m sipping spicy seafood noodle soup and gobbling up morsels of Kimbap with Neil at Topokki Man, a Korean snack spot a few steps away from our home in Talamban, Cebu.

When you work to live, you often have to get by eating cheap and functional food. If you’re a typical Pinoy, you’re probably getting by eating rice with a dish or two twice or thrice a day. If you’re not a rice-addict Filipino, you’re likely munching on cheese or chicken sandwiches or surviving on oatmeal two weeks in a row. Either way, you obviously look forward to salary day so you can relieve the monotony by splurging on real, heavenly food.

Well, I never regret whatever I spend on experience – especially on a sumptuous dining experience. As with Topokki Man (which is not even that pricey to begin with), I know I’m getting value for my hard-earned money. We’re talking P400 – P800 for a flavorful set of Korean dishes.

Topokki Man_Seafood Noodles and Kimbap

Even Korean diners drool over the restaurant’s offerings: spicy rice cakes (topokki), fantastic noodle options and yummy, pretty and nutritious bibimbob. This dish can massively help woo children to eat veggies.

You see, they have tons of delicious items on offer and each is worth trying. Whether you’re dining with a special someone or your family, rest assured that you’ll be served generous sharing-size meals. For instance, we often order just one bowl of seafood noodles and one pack of kimbap – the portions can definitely feed two hungry diners.

While waiting for your food, use their free pens and papers to leave notes or showcase your sketching prowess. Or if you have pictures or business cards you want to spread, just slide them under the glass covering the wooden table. They also have a TV set showing Korean programs – mostly music videos of cute Korean pop stars – to pass the time. 

Topokki Man Menu

You deserve a bit of a treat once in a while.

Topokki Man

Address: Rosedale Place (beside the entrance to Doña Rita Village), Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, Banilad, Cebu City

Opening Hours: 11AM to 2PM and 5PM to 12MN, Monday to Saturday

Contact Info: 032-345 6701 (phone)

Delivery: Available (minimum order is 400)


There’s just one drawback to dining here, the faint smell of food will stick to your clothes. No biggie, right? Especially if your home is just a few steps away or you don’t mind remembering what you had for dinner.


By Issa

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