Watching Joey Ayala Live in Music Museum

Joey Ayala Concert in Manila

Have you ever traveled for music? I have. And it was one of my life’s surreal moments.

32 has to be a fascinating age to be. A day after my birthday, we flew to Manila, stayed at Go Hotels Mandaluyong, and watched a concert by Joey Ayala in Greenhills.

I appear like a pop music fan yet at the core, I crave good music. I mean great lyrics and soulful melody. These are rare these days. But some artists strive to create them. And based on the young crowd in Joey Ayala’s concert, the youth continues to appreciate superb melody and lyrics.

Mandiriwa 2017 with Neil

I fell hard for Neil because of his love for anime, travel and music. Like travel, music can expand the mind and feed the soul. The two are truly inseparable.

So as soon Neil heard that Joey Ayala, a legend of original Filipino folk music, was going back to Music Museum for a concert, he couldn’t pass up the chance.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. He just earned extra from a gig and I had Paypal funds. He bought VIP tickets to Joey Ayala’s concert, entitled Mandiriwa, and I booked our airfare and hotel.

When Neil and I were far from each other, we spent most days sharing songs and stories. He told me that he dedicated this song for me. He even made a video of it on YouTube.

You really should play it. I’ve never heard of any other song more romantic than this. I could be biased so check it out and decide if it’s any good.

Watching Joey Ayala perform live was enchanting. I found myself closing my eyes so many times to soak up the experience. I guess Neil is getting better at gift-giving.

This one’s the best so far. I wish you were there, too.

If you get the chance to watch Joey Ayala and his team perform live in your area, don’t miss it. He’s one of the gems of our time. Joey Ayala is an absolute delight for musicians and music lovers alike.

Traveling to Manila? See if you can watch one of his gigs. He’s got a Facebook account that you can follow for gig announcement. Well, maybe see you there?

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