Every time I enter an English classroom, I’m prompted to introduce myself using my name’s initials. Well, I should be thankful to have a word-friendly initial so I could easily think of adjectives to describe me.

Perhaps we can apply the same mode of description to each experience we have- be it gloomy or gay, exciting or bland, or lesson we need to learn.. Well, let’s start the game:

C if FOR…

Comfort (unexpected) from friends who care, who truly care!

Chance given by superiors, by colleagues, by co-workers, by friends, by sisters, by people I’ve hurt, by every one I wronged.

Charity from love ones – either friends, relatives and non-relatives (?).

Chastisement from the ONE who sees everything and who judges knowingly.

Character which I need to imprint into my soul.

Crap I need to throw or vomit… or by any means, get rid of.

Carelessness I have to completely eliminate… in words, and in deeds.

Clarity in expressing my views and wants to avoid misinterpretations.

Calmness and Composure as my shield to unsettling news, circumstances even tragedies.

Curiosity in things that will help me improve immensely.

Critical-thinking for decision-making.

Conciseness in writing… as well as speaking.

Now I failed to comply to my last want- to be concise. It’s hard to say things in condensed form esp. if you’re proving how awesome the Letter C is. hehe.. If you’ve got a name with a “C” as initial, REJOICE and welcome to an Adjective-rich initial club..

hehe… here I go again, lengthy as always.

GTG.. office is waiting.

By Issa

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