Freshen Up, Ladies!

Whining about headaches? Body pains? And all sorts of illnesses? You’re aging. Children hardly talk about ill-health.

I hate to admit I often grumble about feeling weak. Yet, upon reading ‘Herself’ by Dr. Lowry, my outlook has changed. Any woman could be as young as she wants to be -only if she didn’t neglect to care for herself.

As an office-based worker, I lack the needed daily workout to keep myself fit so I walk home. I still think I’m not breathing in enough fresh air so I’d find a way to.

I think I’ve been following enough measures to maintain a good health – yet I was surprised to know that I’m not doing enough. I realized I don’t entertain myself much, and after denying myself those little, simple pleasures, which might grow big when added up, I ended up careworn.

What really bothers me is that most office gals never seem to expand. I’ve seen a lot who remained stunted emotionally and intellectually. A plan must be drawn to remain fresh in the face of daily pressures in the business world.

Exciting.. 🙂

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