Why Empower Women

A woman presides over the fountains of life, all life—both male and female. She impregnates every human being with the qualities of her soul. Into the very woof of existence she weaves the shreds of her own being. Woman’s soul colors, forms, molds, modifies, endows the soul of humanity. It is so. It must be […]

Would You Say “I do”?

photobucket.com Are you widowed? divorced? or above 40 years old and never married? If you’re a Kuwaiti woman with any of these statuses, never lose heart as you’re likely to  get a marriage proposal soon. Kuwait government generously grants men 4000 KD (50,905 DHS/623,949 PHP) on their first marriage to a Kuwaiti lady. However, there […]

Freshen Up, Ladies!

Whining about headaches? Body pains? And all sorts of illnesses? You’re aging. Children hardly talk about ill-health. I hate to admit I often grumble about feeling weak. Yet, upon reading ‘Herself’ by Dr. Lowry, my outlook has changed. Any woman could be as young as she wants to be -only if she didn’t neglect to care […]