To be wise, know when to be silent,
Discern when to keep the mouth shut,
Ponder on what nourishes the spirit,
Learn how to bring joy to the heart.

It’s totally far from pretensions,
Neither flattery nor false words,
It neither qualifies as deceit nor lies,
Not conceited words in disguise.

Desire the power to uplift souls,
A cheerful look, a crisp chuckle,
Delightful words, good news,
All that brings health not shatter.

How to let out bad news?
When to criticize and rebuke?
How could ‘blows’ be delivered,
Free of gloom and resistance?

Thoughtful phrasing softens impact,
Tact helps in sounding pleasant,
Precise comments aid agreement,
Prudence always lessens torment.

By Issa

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