At the moment, there are about 60M – 70M Filipinos (18-65+) using Facebook, according to Audience Insights. As a marketer, it means this channel is something you can’t ignore if you’re getting more than 80% of your sales online. But you can’t just market to everyone on Facebook unless your target is everyone.

There is a powerful feature on Facebook Ads Manager that most marketers ignore: Audience Insights. The best thing about it? It’s free. And you can use it to understand what your prospective customers like, based on, you’ve guessed it, what they liked on Facebook.

Access the Audience Insights to see what people like and check out the pages to understand what they did right. When you use this feature, you can filter people on Facebook further by Interests, Connections, Work, Market Segment, and more, to learn more about the people you wish to reach with your marketing message.

If you’re using broad targeting, you can simply select the age bracket and gender of the audience you wish to target. You can then create a custom audience based on this.

So, What Did Filipinos Like on FB, According to Their Age Group?

Note that we’re getting the majority of Facebook users and we haven’t specified the Market Segments or Educational level. Here are some interesting data I found.

Female, 25-34
Male, 25-34

The quick analysis? Women care about budgeting for their family, beauty, and shoes; men care about body odor, games, car, basketball, and beer.

Now let’s look at another age group. Women and men who are 18-24 years old.

Female, 18-24
Male, 18-24

The quick analysis? Majority of males still love games. The female users, however, are into cologne, pop fiction, Wattpad, K-pop, and this is quite interesting: a male gamer named Besty.

As a Marketer, What Does It Mean to Me

Well, you can get to know your target audience better by seeing what they like. When you use the filter on the right side to further specify your audience, you won’t be wasting too much money targeting the wrong people. I’ve used the Audience Insights to create a customized audience and we’ve had more success in reaching the right people without spending too much money.

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