SSS Salary Loan for Self-Employed or Voluntary Members: A Quick Guide

My SSS salary loan check was delivered to my address a week ago. How long did it take? Four days short of a month. Fast, right? I thought so, too.

The most surprising thing about the application was that it was a breeze. Yes, it takes patience when using the SSS online portal but once you obtain access – applying for a salary loan is so easy.

SSS Salary Loan Application for Self-Employed or Voluntary Members

You have already signed up for my.sss, you know your user ID and password by heart, and your internet connection is reliable. Those are three assumptions I’m making.

Now, once you’ve logged on successfully to your my.sss page, your first assignment is to find the ELIGIBILITY tab, and select “loan” from the drop-down options (as illustrated below).

Salary Loan Eligibility - SSS

As a self-employed or voluntary member, you have no employer. Simply click the box as indicated on this image. Your Employer ID Number will be then automatically generated. Click “Submit”.

Employer ID Number- Voluntary Member

Now, here’s the exciting part: how much salary loan can you apply for? SSS requires at least 36 monthly contributions to qualify for a one-month salary loan. Here’s how it looks ( I erased some details for privacy reasons but from your end, you will be able to view the amount of loan you can get):

SSS Salary Loan Eligibility -Voluntary Member

Since I have 40 posted contributions, I’m eligible! I hope you are, too. If you click the Loan Disclosure Statement, you will get a copy of the full details of your SSS salary loan.


The day after I filed this loan online, I checked the Loan Status and it was approved! Then, I obsessively monitored its status the following days. To my frustration, the same message appeared: CHECK GENERATED.

SSS Text Service: Not Helpful in Tracking SSS Salary Loan

I wonder why no one ever talks about how unhelpful SSS text service is. Neil already warned  me that tracking my salary loan through SSS SMS was, at best, useless.

To illustrate, this is the answer I got when I inquired via SSS text about my SSS loan status (it costs Php 2.50 to send this message):


Curious me, I still tried. I thought if a service exists, then it must be helpful. Only to prove how Neil was right. The SSS SMS service can’t tell you any significant info about your SSS loan status.

You’d have a better chance of knowing by visiting the POST OFFICE and asking their staff for your SSS check. I did. And after a weekend, I got my check.

In hindsight, I thought I would still get my SSS salary loan within a month. After all, it’s a loan with interest and SSS benefits from members who borrow from their own savings.

Know a voluntary or self-employed SSS member? Share this post to her/him. Happy encashing! 🙂

*Please note that I’m located in Cebu so my circumstances might be different. I’m also not an employee of SSS, I just made a promise to share my experience with their service once I receive my loan.

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78 responses

  1. Nice Izzza, sama sa ka nice sa imong shades na akong gi comment na asa ka ni buy and if naa bay pares ato hehe.

    very helpful, if naa mo ask naku how to apply a loan in SSS, ill recommend this. 🙂

  2. Hi, Jheng! 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Musta na? 🙂

    Hmm.. I think naa pa man sa Penshoppe. Daghan man ‘to sila.hehehe.. +/- 300 lang yun. 😉

    If previously employed sila, they need to change their status from employed to self-employed by paying as voluntary member.

  3. Judelyn fontanilla padua Avatar
    Judelyn fontanilla padua

    Verify my sss voluntary loan kelan ko mkukuha

  4. A check will be sent to the address you put on the loan application. Did you apply for this loan online? If you log in, you’ll see the status of your loan.

  5. Hello would like to ask, once you click to the loan disclosure statement, does that mean that you already filed for the salary loan already?

  6. Hi Ace,
    If you click the Loan Disclosure Statement, it will show a copy of the complete details of your SSS salary loan.

    After that, you can log on to check the status of your loan. It’s usually fast, in my experience, my SSS check was generated within a month.

    Hope that helps. 🙂

  7. Camille R. Avatar
    Camille R.

    Hello mam i just want to ask anu mangyayari po if nag file ako ng sss salary loan employed po ako then i have to resign due to unexpected issue and want to change as voluntary member. Can i still get my Loan check sa HR ko before im not sure but i think within this month daw nung nag apply ako sa sss branch malapit samin.. please i need help po thank you

  8. Hi Camille!

    Approved na ba ang loan mo? If yes, you just have to wait for the check. It’s sent via post office. May online SSS account ka? You can check the status of your loan through your online account.

    Hope that helps.

  9. hi i am currently employed and i am planning to resign but i wanna know kung pwede ba magloan kahit not connected kana sa company. i currently have 39 contributions posted as of now and i am still employed.i am planning to resign once i have verified n pwede magloan kahit wala ka na sa company..

    p.s sa PAG-IBIG kasi dapat employed ka para makaloan ka or may source of income ka. ehh paano. gusto ko rin sana malaman kung same rule applies sa sss.

  10. i guess same kami ni camille. ma aapprove pa rin ba loan kapag hindi kana employed kasi yung employer mo yung naghuhulog ng contributions. ex. ngayon ako magfile ng loan.then nagresign ako next week, aapprove pa kaya yun kasi kung number of contributions yung pag uusapan, I have 39 posted monthly contributions eh.thank you in advance

  11. Hi Apple..
    I suggest you contact and Expect a reply within a day or two. At least you can get an official answer.
    Ang nasubukan ko lang kasi mag-apply while I was a “Voluntary Contributor”.. Wala na akong work nung nag-apply ako ng salary loan so walang middle person (HR or office manager) na kailangan kong sabihan na i-approve ang loan..

    I applied it online and I got my loan within a month.

  12. I see. I just wanna know kung ilang months ka na naghuhulog as a voluntary member bago ka nagloan? Or would you happen to know if may mobile toll free number sila kasi na pwede icontact kasi ang hirap maghanap ng landline nowadays.Thank you for the quick response..

  13. Ang kinababahala ko lang kasi is that qualify nga ako pero may required months na kylangan mong hulugan as a voluntary member bago ka mag apply ng salary loan. Example, magreresign na ako by the end of May tapos pag nag apply ako ng salary loan baka magrequire muna sila maghulog ako ng 6 months as a voluntary member so thatś around Nov. or December pa ako pwede magloan bago sila magpa allow ng salary loan.

  14. Hmm. Sa case ko, I had 40 posted contributions before na-approve ang salary loan ko as a voluntary member.

    When I checked online, ang nakalagay na hulog ko sa SSS hanggang December 2014 lang, kahit na ang last working day ko sa company, March 15, 2015. Can you check if your company remits the SSS contributions on time?

    So, nung nag-apply ako for loan by April, I had to pay as a Voluntary member first para ma-convert ang account ko from Employed to “Voluntary”. I paid 1,650 to cover April, May and June contributions (so three-month worth of voluntary contributions, 550 each month). I applied for a salary loan online at, then I got the money within a month.

    Hope that helps.

  15. Hi po!

    I just want to clarify things I’m employed po tapos nag apply po ako ng salary loan verify ko lang po sana kung employed ka po, sa employer ko po ba na address e sesend yung salary loan check ko? O do I need to update the mailing address for my salary loan check?

  16. jerry mae Avatar
    jerry mae

    Hello! I am voluntary sss member, I was paid my sss contribution for 3years equivalent of 36months, so how much worth of salary loan could I avail? Please let me know. Thanks

  17. @Ben, Question, magkaiba ba kayo ng work location ng employer mo? It will be easier to use your office address. The check will be addressed to you.. it has your name on it so you don’t have to worry.

    @Jerry Mae, it’s best to register for an online SSS account so you can check the exact loanable amount. In my case, I worked for a few years before paying my SSS voluntarily. For first-time loaners, P15K is usually the highest amount you can get.

  18. Grace Avatar

    Hi Ms. ISSA, how much kaya pwede I-loan? over 10K kaya depende sa contributions?

  19. Hi, may I know how to contact SSS Post Office? Mine was “CHECK GENERATED” since April 25 but no check was delivered to my address until now. Thanks ahead.

  20. @Grace, If you’re currently employed, ask for your Employer’s ID. You need to enter that number (example: 88-8888800-6) to find out the amount you’re allowed to loan.
    So, log in lang sa SSS account mo, look for “ELIGIBILITY” tab. Hover your mouse on this tab, then you’ll see “Loan” under the drop-down buttons. Click that and you’ll find out the loan amount you’re allowed to take.

    If Voluntary member ka, just click the check box. You’ll see “Please Check this if Member is Self-Employed or Voluntary Member” next to it. Then you’ll know how much you can loan.

  21. Haena patricia Avatar
    Haena patricia

    Hi maam .. Good day , its been a week po since my salary loan has been approved and its already check generated in my online account. I cant wait for the cheque to be delivered can i go to the post office near on the the branch where i applied for my salary loan ? Thankyou

  22. Hi Haena! Voluntary/Self-employed member ka ba? If so, yes, you can go the nearest post office sa address na nakalagay sa SSS profile mo.
    For example, yung sa akin, in-address ko sa Mandaue City, sa Mandaue post office ko rin na-claim.

    For your specific concern, it’s best to message SSS directly at Pwede rin tumawag sa 917-7777 o Telephone Brigade at 920-6446 to 55. Pwede rin sa 1-800-10-2255777 toll free mula Lunes hanggang Biyernes. You can also send an email to

  23. Hi izza
    Would like to ask, How many days get approved your salary loan, mind still encoded for validation, im still waiting for approved status,
    Please advise, thank you, taga cebu pd ko izza,

  24. Hi Rey,
    Voluntary/self-employed imo status or naa kay employer? Sa ako 1 day after I filed online, approved na dayon. Have you tried contacting and to follow up?

  25. Shiela Avatar

    Hi Issa,

    Any Idea how long marereceive ang check for voluntary loan?

  26. Hi po nakapagfile na ako ng salary loan (voluntary) sa post office ba ng lugar ko makukuha? Or sa post office ng pinafile ko ng salary loan. Sa branch kasi ako.mismo nag apply. Thanks

  27. Hi Shiela,
    Within a month, usually.

    Hi Beth,
    Ang pagkakaalam ko, sa pinakamalapit na Post Office sa address na nilagay mo sa SSS loan request. Pwede mo rin tawagan ang post office bago mo puntahan para di masayang ang time.

  28. Hi Issa,
    Medjo complicated but I hope you can enlighten me. Akong status ron sa akong profile is still employed, but im already SE and pregnant, so meaning dugay pako mka work blik. Nag submit nako og Mat Notif under SE status. What I would like to know is, pde ba na akong ichange akong status from employed to voluntary then pay half of my existing loan(w/c is delinquent) then apply for a new loan immediately after paying half of my outstanding balance? And would it affect the amount of the mat benefit that i will claim in the future?

  29. MERIAM ANGID tikchap Avatar
    MERIAM ANGID tikchap

    Hi ma’am ask ko lng po if how many months ung maximum na Pde mu bayaran loan Pde ba 1 year ganun or Is it just for 1 month loan e sapatos bayad ka Na po?

  30. MERIAM ANGID tikchap Avatar
    MERIAM ANGID tikchap

    Hi ma’am ask ko lng po if how many months ung maximum na Pde mu bayaran loan Pde ba 1 year ganun or Is it just for 1 month loan e sapatos bayad ka Na po?

  31. Hi Ma’am,

    woulds just like to ask if may idea ka kung saan binebase ng SSS yung delivery ng check for Voluntary member? Nagkamali kc aku ng lagay ng address sa Loan applicaton page. Hindi ko po kasi nailagay yung name ng subdivision namin. Pero yung address naman sa Member’s details page is correct. Worried lang aku kc baka yun ang maging reason baka hindi ko agad makuha yung cheque ko. And tama ba, sa post office near your address mo pipick-up-in yng cheque?

  32. hi ma’am.. Pag voluntary po pwede po mag apply ng loan online without going to sss office po ? salamat po

  33. Hi! Can I get the post office tel. no in cebu pls?

    Thank you.

  34. Dara Corpuz Avatar
    Dara Corpuz

    Hi Issa,

    Tanong ko lang ano kailangan na ID para makuha mo ang cheque sa post office?

  35. active pa po ba ito?

  36. Hi All,
    Pwede rin tumawag sa 917-7777 o Telephone Brigade at 920-6446 to 55. Pwede rin sa 1-800-10-2255777 toll free mula Lunes hanggang Biyernes. You can also send an email to

    @Em, I had a workmate who was able to apply for maternity benefit while naa pa syay loan.

  37. @Dara, yes, an ID is a must.

  38. hi maam issa
    based po s experience ninyo, ipapadala b ng courier ung checke mismo s bahay? o kukunin ko po s post office? approved po ung loan q last oct 5
    3399839358 Your Salary Loan application for P6000.00 filed on 10/05/2017 was approved on 10/05/2017 with net proceeds P5940.00

  39. joana marie Avatar
    joana marie

    hello po ask ko lng po yung loan q po check generated na sya nung oct 24,2017 mga ilang weeks po b bgo mrelease yung checked at san po pede mkha yun drtso po b aq post office.salamat po

  40. Shellie Villapaña Avatar
    Shellie Villapaña

    Hi. I submitted my salary loan application online last nov. 22. And now i checked the status online it shows as check generated but what bothers me is that the address on the loan status page shows incomplete. It only shows the house number and street name not including my city state and postal code. Ive made sure i put all the info before submitting the application. And isnt it that you wont be able to submit the application without filling those required info. But Why is that?

  41. Hi Joanna and Shellie,
    I don’t work for SSS but I find these contact details helpful:

    SSS Call Center telephone numbers: (632) 920-6446 to 55 (open from 7:00 am of Mondays to 7:00 am of Saturdays).

    They’re responsive.

  42. hi po miss isssa. Nagloan salary loan ako sa sss website as voluntary nung dec 21, 2017. oag ka check ko po now check generated na sya.. question.. kelan po ako pwede punta post office para icheck kung andun na yung cheke? kasi may flight po ako ng december 28 papunta okinawa. january 10 pa po balik ko.. pwede po ba mag iwan ng authorization letter sa bahay para makuha kung sino madatnan sa bahay?

  43. Hi Nino,
    Mag-iwan ka na lang ng ID and authorization letter para sigurado. Sa akin umabot kasi ng halos isang buwan, eh. Since holiday ngayon, baka ma-delay ng konti yung sayo.

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

  44. SAlamat po madam issa. Iwanan ko na lang auth letter.. thanks

  45. hi maam izza phelp po ask ko lng kse po ngloan aq sa sss last month nov27 2017 so ngaun nrelease n po ng asawaq un cheke hindi po plitan ng landbnk un cheke expired nia feb2018,kung sakali po hindi mapalitan un cheke ko kailangan ko pa din ba bayadan ang sss.slmt po

  46. Hi Badz,
    Wag na ma’am. 🙂 Hmm.. i-check mo na lang sa office ng SSS. Meron din silang email add and phone number:

    SSS Call Center telephone numbers: (632) 920-6446 to 55

  47. jerelynne Avatar

    Hi ms. Issa,

    Ngloan apply po ako ng loan sa sss branch dito sa bulacna jan 4. Tumawag ako kagabi sa sss narelease na daw sa kanila yung cheke nung jan 9 pwede ko na kaya puntahan yun sa post office?

  48. Hi Jerelynne,

    Sorry for the late reply. Dapat i-deliver nila or i-notify ka through a valid phone number na for delivery na ang check. May number ka ba sa post office?

    P.S. I hope by now, nakuha mo na. 🙂

  49. hi! im eunice .. makakakuha po ba ko ng maternity benefits? kasi last hulog ko ay august -dec. 2014 .. hanggang ngaun po ee di ko pa ulit nahuhuluhan .. ask ko lang kung pwede ba ko maghulog ng january to March 2018 and duedate ko po ay may 2018?salamat

  50. Hi Eunice,
    According to SSS website, pwede raw.

    Here are the qualifications:
    The maternity benefit is offered only to female SSS members. A member is qualified to avail of this benefit if:
    1. She has paid at least three monthly contributions within the 12-month period immediately preceding the semester of her childbirth or miscarriage.

    2. She has given the required notification of her pregnancy to SSS through her employer if employed; or submitted the maternity notification directly to the SSS if separated from employment, a voluntary or self-employed member.

    Pwede ka rin tumawag, mag-email o mag-message sa Facebook:
    SSS Trunkline No. (632) 920-6401
    SSS Call Center: 920-6446 to 55
    SSS Email:
    SSS Facebook:

    Bisita ka na directly sa nearest SSS branch sa inyo.. para maclarify mo agad.

  51. Hi Ms Iza ask ko lng ng apply ako ng loan application sa SSS branch dito s amin nung March 12 sabe ni ate girl ma rreceived ko daw yung cheque sa address n nkalagay sa loan application ko. but till now wala p dn sabe nya kc within 3 weeks daw ng wworry lng ako. thanks

  52. Hi Rea,
    Baka na-delay lang dahil sa Holy Week break. Try mo rin i-check ang status online. Baka na-approve na.

  53. Hi po,
    Meron po ba makakasagot kung ipapadala ng SSS ung cheke sa mismong address na nilagay mo sa loan application? Nag-apply po ako ng loan online sa SSS website, then ang status is CHECK GENERATED pero wala pa po ako nareceive na check. Last March 19 pa ako nag-apply.

    Thanks in advance.

  54. March 14 pa ako nagsend ng online application for SSS Loan. I’m a voluntary member po pero hanggng ngaun wla pa ding status. Pending pa din siya. nag send n po ako email sa member relations nila pero wala pa din po. paano kaya yun? maraming salamat!

  55. Base sa SSS official Facebook site:

    “For voluntary/self-employed members, the check is sent via registered mail to the “address indicated in the application”. Once na-generate na ang check, nakadepende na sa PhilPOST ang delivery ng check.”

    You can post questions directly on their page:

  56. Regulus Avatar

    Hi Maam,
    April 14, 2018 I received an email from SSS na na-approved na yung Loan ko (Voluntary Member). San ko po kaya pwedeng mai-follow up kung nairelease na nila yung cheque at san ako pwedeng tumawag? Thanks and more power. God bless.

  57. Hi Regulus,
    Sa pinakamalapit na post office sa inyo. San mo in-address ang cheque? Ang schedule kasi ng delivery nakadepende na sia PhilPOST.Try mo tawagan ang number or i-email sila dito:

  58. Jonah Lynn Avatar
    Jonah Lynn

    hi issa,
    ask ko lang kung yung sa system nila authomatic bang magchange from employed to voluntary yun status ko kasi nakalagay pa din yung previous employer ko pero nagloan ako thru online pero kasi ng voluntary payment na ko since wala na kong work…as i checked their system check generated na, do you have any idea san kaya mapapadala yung cheque sa previous employer ko pa din ba or sa mismong address na ng bahay namin.??? thanks for your reply.

  59. Hi Jonah,
    Ang alam ko pag nagbayad ka na as voluntary member, ia-update na nila sa system. Ang check, ipapadala nila kung anong address ang in-indicate mo sa SSS online account mo..

  60. Good evening po tanong lang po kasi nagpayment po ako sa sss loan ng asawa ko, tama po yung sss number nya kaya lang po pangalan ko ang nailagay sa payor name, papasok pa dun ba sa kanya yung payment? thanks po

  61. Hi po..ask lang po aku may loan balance po aku nong employed pa po..aku mga atleast 1 year napo..gusto ko sanang mag halfway may lo loan…po sana aku pwede pobang magloan…magbabyad lang aku ng 2months sa sss..balepo APRIL po kasi yung last contribution ko at babayaran ko po ngayun ang MAY ,JUNE. as aself employed??po makakaloan po ba aku? Ng halfway?

  62. @Noemi Pasensya sa delayed response. Pag nagbabayad ka sa SSS ngayon, makakatanggap ka ng text confirmation kung posted na ang payments. Para makasiguro, pwede mo rin i-check kung nag-reflect na ba online ang payment. You can text SSSCONTRIB(SSS Number, no dash or space)PIN # to 2600 (P2.50/text ang charge) para makita mo yung last date of posted contribution ng asawa mo. If di ka pa naka-register sa SSS TEXT service, you just have to send these codes first: SSSREG(your SSS number without space or dash)(Your Birthday in month, day, year format, ex. 11231989), then send it to 2600. Pag na-receive mo na ang PIN, you can start using SSS HELP. Or, you can call their hotline number at 920-6401 from Monday to Friday (9AM – 5PM). Hope that helps.

  63. Hi Angelita,
    Ayon sa SSS website:
    Renewal shall be allowed after payment of at least 50% of the original principal amount and at least 50% of the term has lapsed.

    Pero I suggest, you email or call them to inquire.
    SSS Trunkline No. (632) 920-6401
    SSS Call Center: 920-6446 to 55
    SSS Email:
    SSS Facebook:

  64. hello po, ask ko lang po, kc po employed ako before, then kc im no longer working na, nag bayad ako this month sa sss, but it was still showing na employed padin ako hindi nag shoshow na voluntary member ako paano ba dapat kong gawin don? automatic bang mapapalitan un pag nagbayad ako sa sss or kailangan kopa ipa change ?

  65. Elow good day! Mam ask ko lang po im still employed and balak ko pong mag resign this coming september so pwede po kaya ako maka avail ng loan since paid narin yung 1st loan ko.Then need ko po ba munang mag bayad as voluntary para sa ma trace n non workkng na ako slamt

  66. Ilang buwan po ba dapt bago mag loan kapag bago kapalang ano po ba ang dapat kong gawin.

    Thanks po

  67. @Al, automatic ang update sa status change from employed to voluntary. Try paying more contributions as voluntary. I usually pay quarterly and nag-reflect agad sa online SSS records.

    @April, Sorry late reply, I hope di ka pa nag-resign. When you apply for a loan via your HR, it usually takes a month (depende rin sa HR nyo if in-apply nya agad nung nagrequest ka). Pero kung hindi, made-delay din. If close ka sa HR, ipa-prioritize mo. If hindi, pwede ka naman magresign, pero dapat sure ka na up-to-date ang contributions ng company mo.

  68. Hi PO..,I check my status SA sss loan ko PO.,tapos na approved na PO cya at mayroon nang number check pwede na PO ba makuha Ang checke SA post office

  69. hi maam, ask ko lang, kasi nag salary loan ako through online services, nag email na sa akin na approved na ako, pero pano ko makeclaim yung loan ko, wala naman sila sinabi kung panu ko kukunin ung loan ko sa kanila?

  70. Prime Joel Avatar
    Prime Joel

    Hi Ms. Kakagaling ko lang sa SSS kahapon sa mail dept.for verification nandoon na dw yung cheque kasu d nila pwedi ibigay dw sakin kasi kakababa lang dw nang cheque kahapon nang 12:21 ngayun sabi ko saan ko pwedi i anticipate hu yan kasi yung address na inilagay ko sa application sa home addres ko sa Leyte., sabi ko paano yan nandito ako sa Quezon City sa Diliman branch ako nag apply na SSS sbi sakin tawagan ko dw yung post office number ., d ko natanong saan post office naman yun dito pa sa quezon city kung saan ako nag apply? 092 4664 to 50 yung telephone number na ibinigay kahapon lang

  71. hi po. magkano po naaprobahan yung sayo?

  72. Hi KC,
    That was my first salary loan so I only got 15k.

  73. […] Also Read: SSS Salary Loan for Self-Employed or Voluntary Members: A Quick Guide […]

  74. Hi Issa. I just read your article and it’s very informative, thumbs up. However meron lang akong mga questions like in my current situation: My employer had not been paying to SSS in a timely manner, and I’m resigning soon. However 35 months pa ang posted contributions ko, so what I wanted is if ever ako na ang magbayad sa contribution ko to make it 36 months. And by that maging voluntary member na ako. Will it br possible to get a salary loan on this scenario? Thanks.

  75. Hi John, thanks for reading.

    Please check the last contribution made by your company. Strict kasi ang contribution deadlines for voluntary SSS members so posible na di mo na mahabol yung previous months. (They usually accept payments for the last 3 months).

    Posible ba mag-loan if may gap sa payments? As far as I know pwede (ganyan din kasi yung case ko, hindi nagbayad yung employer ko so I had to pay voluntarily for a quarter – 550 each month for 3 months). As long as yung most recent 3 months before your loan date, paid, and equal to 36 total contributions, you have a good chance of getting approved for a salary loan.

    Responsive din ang SSS sa email, so try sending them an email at

  76. Saan ko makukuha yung cheke pag na approved na ako sa salary loan ko sa online.

  77. Leonarda Juntilo Avatar
    Leonarda Juntilo

    Good Day mo Ma’am;

    Ask ko lang po, nag file po kasi ng loan yong Kapatid ko tapos approved nadaw po and yong checke nasa post office manila nadaw po, mahigit 1 month na po kasi nong nag loan sya, tapos tanong lang po sino po kaya pwede kukuha non or e dedeliver po ba yon sa office nila sa manila? Thank you po

  78. Hi Leonarda,
    I assume na di voluntary ang SSS status ng kapatid mo, meaning, dumaan sa employer ang approval ng salary loan. Sa office address nya likely makukuha.
    Employed ang status ko nung nag-salary loan ako this year, pinadala yung check sa office namin. If salary loan, mga one month lang darating na dapat ang check. Follow up din sya through email sa

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