Yes, you’re reading it right: revolution, not resolution. Often, we resolve to do something to be better than we were – and we unfortunately fail. Perhaps we need to do better than resolving, we can try revolting against thoughts, practices and habits that don’t serve us anymore. Here are a few of my pleas:

1. I revolt against fast food and “eating out”.

Won’t it save you a lot of money if you cook at home instead of eating out? Opps, us, I mean “us”, because I’m one of the frequent customers of over-the-counter food.  Not only that, eating what you yourself have prepared will likely lessen the probability of catching diseases due to negligent food handling. A scary but best example would be KFC Australia’s salmonella-infested Twister chicken causing brain damage to a little girl.

2. I revolt against anything “excessive”.

I think I’m not alone in this: we abhor anything excessive. We hate too much make-up. We dislike plenty insincere compliments. We loathe people who drink immoderately. We ought to detest eating excessively, I suppose.

3. I revolt against ignorance.

Let’s agree that we are all ignorant in one area as we are an expert in another. We can’t be all-knowing. But it’s not a bad ambition to eradicate ignorance. Let’s dare to know more about the world. There are many avenues for learning and exploring, they just await the persistent, patient navigator in us to take that trip and relish the new experience.

4. I revolt against a purely physical life.

If life is merely physical (i.e. things that meet the senses), I guess it’s pointless. There should be a higher purpose for our “being”. We have a lifetime to search for that – or maybe just a few hours, weeks, or months. Well, who really knows? I revolt against the idea that we are just well-formed dust walking or running about the earth’s surface – we are more than that.

What’s your new year’s revolution? 

By Issa

One thought on “What’s Your New Year’s Revolution?”
  1. Hi Issa, you have written very well. Yea we need to have a revolution now in the new year. Taking good care of health must be the top priority, including healthy food habits, doing exercise, of course using less make up and to concentrate on having good skin, that ultimately don’t need made up, ahh i mean to say make up.

    Being a female ,I revolt against those socio cultural conditions ,which remind us just our duties and not our rights. (typically in south Asian countries and societies)

    Another one, i revolt against and to get rid of all those so called friendships and friends , who usually don’t deserved us to be given our sincerity and those who says what they don’t mean in actual.

    The list will go on 🙂

    Have a good time.

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