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Here comes my birthday! I’d like to share with you fabulous party themes playing inside my head. If you’re turning 27, the last thing you want to do is put your guests to sleep. So, spice up your birthday with these cool party themes! (I must warn you, ‘cool’ is subjective.) Let’s start the dirty work! Dig!

1. Hunger Games Party. I’ll be Katniss (scorchingly hot, char!). My guests may choose to be Effie, Primrose, Katniss’ Mother or any of the HG players.
Contest and game ideas abound: Best Costume, Most Talented, best singer, best hunter (scavenger hunt), and best gift-giver. I’d surely enjoy the last game – the guest who has the best gift gets a prize. Hey, don’t frown. Here goes the HG-themed food list: Bread (wholemeal), French Stick, Chocolate cake, Lamb stew, Nuts, Apples, Cookies, Strawberries, and seafood or mushroom soup.  Oh, come on, aren’t you full?

2. Avatar Party. Yay! Imagine the fun wearing your own avatar! Well, let me clarify that: I meant reliving the epic sci-fi film ‘Avatar’. Guests have to dress up like extraterrestrial beings. No costume, no meal (at least I allowed you to enter). In a fictional universe, the toughest thing to ponder would be the menu for humanoids. To skip this gruesome search for edible food in Avatar, garnish/decorate/customize any food with Avatar movie bits and pieces: pizza, chicken, cheeseburger, broccoli, etc. I’m sorry I can’t share my recipe – the patent hasn’t expired.

3. Game of Thrones. I’m Arya Stark – swift as a deer, quiet as a shadow.Let every guest embrace a character; you’ll surely find one to your liking.

Group games are in: Amazing race, relays, charade, etc. Best Costume Award will be the party’s highlight. Foods could be grand like the reigning throne, or simple like the poorest kingdom.

4. One Piece. Hollywood pirate movies are nothing but copycats. Luffy is the true king of ocean robberies. I already have a straw hat but I’m having trouble with the elastic body – I think I can never imitate Luffy’s gummy skills even after 10,000 hours of yoga. Decorate the party room with ships, ammunition, and the characters’ faces. Treasure hunts and Trip to Jerusalem are some lame games you can play – I’m not so sure pirates have time to play with their hectic heist schedule. As for the menu, pirates adore plain food so prepare loads of meat and booze enough to fill them up.

5. Earth Day. Ideally, everyone should be wearing nothing but leaves. But plants have a tough time surviving in Dubai so we won’t strictly impose these costume restrictions. Everyone should at least wear something nature-inspired. Tarzan, Lion King and The Jungle movie marathon should keep everyone awake. Those who aren’t glued on TV may choose to dance or sing for nature. Only fruits and vegetables are served. (Oh, yeah, I’m glad this is not the theme for my party.)

You ought to comment only if you have the remaining five funky to awesome birthday party themes to share. Fun is one of life’s essentials – and often underrated. Help birthday celebrators have fun today!







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