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The quick answer is you can’t send a message to all your Facebook fans, only to those who sent your page a message and who commented on your posts. Is there a way to send a message to your business page contacts at once? Yes, you can use a messenger bot. I’ve used a chatbot called Mobile Monkey.

Since Facebook business pages don’t have a proper CRM (Customer relationship management) integrated in its inbox, you will need messenger bots from external sites to send a bulk message to everyone who messaged your page.

Ask your developer to connect your page to Mobile Monkey. As soon as the chatbot is up and running, test it. Watch the tutorials on how to blast messages to your followers.

At Mobile Monkey, you basically need to access MARKETING AUTOMATION, then click Chat Blaster to start creating chat messages to send to folks who sent your page a message. Note that if you run plenty of messenger ads, you are likely going to have a lot of people sending messages to your inbox. These people won’t be included in your Mobile Monkey database until you turn on the chatbot.

So, the key is to keep the chat bot turned on all the time. This way, you can keep adding messenger contacts to your Mobile Monkey Contacts database. You can then send messages to these people later on.

A Quick Word on Spamming

Facebook takes down business pages that do not follow its community guidelines and platform policies. I’ve seen it first hand and you don’t want to beg Facebook to restore your page. That’s why I suggest you read their policy and make sure that you do not violate them with the message you’re about to send.

You also need to seek permission from Facebook before you can send subscription messages to your followers. To do that, follow these steps: click Settings > Advanced Messaging > Requested Features > Subscription Messaging. Doing this will allow your Page to send non-promotional content on a recurring basis through the Messenger platform.

Note the keyword: “non-promotional.” On Mobile Monkey, you need to choose the right message tag if you are sending a subscription message. Here are some of the options: Community Alert, Application update, Account Update, Issue Resolution, Payment Update, and Reservation Update. They do this to comply with Facebook’s messenger policy.

I’d like to thank readers who sent this question. Hope my answer solved your problem. If you need more info or if you require the assistance of a Facebook ad specialist, reach out to me through my Contact page.

By the way, here’s the article that inspired this post: A Day in a Life of a Facebook Ads Manager

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  1. Excellent developments! But it may be too difficult for the average user. I used Cucomm once and was delighted. The software itself sent a message and added friends while I was working on more important tasks. Maybe we should consider this method as well?

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