10 Super Awesome Dad-Daughter Movies

No dad is perfect. Yet in these movies, they seem to be the most charming creatures on the planet. None of these fathers would have been super awesome without their charismatic daughters. Both are necessary elements to a unique and unforgettable tandem.

Below are my top dad-daughter movie picks! Some of these made me laugh. A few pinched my heart. But most made me choke back tears. Let me know which inspiring daddy-daughter movies I missed on this list – I’d be glad to expand this to a 100-plus list of best daddy-daughter films of all time.

  1. Saving Mr. BanksSaving Mr. Banks

  2. Instructions Not IncludedInstructions Not Included

  3. The CroodsThe Croods

  4. Hotel TransylvaniaHotel Transylvania

  5. Definitely MaybeDefinitely Maybe

  6. Million Dollar BabyMillion Dollar Baby

  7. MulanMulan

  8. Despicable MeDespicable Me

  9. I Am SamI Am Sam

  10. TakenTaken

5 responses

  1. Aw great selection! I’ve watched all of these, pero favorite ko yung I Am Sam. That movie is just so heartbreaking and the cast was amazing <3 I actually watched it recently on HBO and as usual, naiyak ulit ako haha.


  2. Hi, Kyle! Glad you liked it! Do you have any Dad-Daughter movie to add? 🙂

    P.S. Visited your blog. I must say I’ve got a lot to learn when it comes to dressing up!

  3. Hi, Marlo, my sisters and friends told me so. I’ll surely check out that movie! Thanks!

  4. […] fathers are under-appreciated, some are not even appreciated. My father perhaps falls in between. Maybe we can blame it on […]

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