At five, Jam proposed we check out Star Cinema’s “No Other Woman”. I refused. Why watch something that would only make you feel bad, if not mad? I said I’d rather linger at the cozy cafe at the ground floor of our building. She hesitated, so I told her: “It’s on me.” A moment later, she was with me at star bucks sipping her cappuccino, while I was enjoying my cup of latte.

Then we started talking about people. Lives- ours, theirs, hot news and posts we have read recently, from abortion to Dalai Lama’s teachings. We realized we need to find a better place to chill. She offered to give me a ride home. I told her I’d prefer to walk and ride a driver-less train. She seemed to agree. Well, that’s Jam, she always seems to agree but she’ll twist the story later.

We went back to the office together to get her things and leave. On our way down, she pressed the button to the parking lot, while I was reaching for the ground flr. button. She insisted to take me home. I nodded.

World Trade Center was our  first stop – to pick up Dan, the planner. He took us to the rooftop of Four Points Sheraton Hotel at the heart of Dubai. The downtown. Playful wind, colorful lights, comfy couches, and his Nikon DSLR. Indeed one of the best ways to capture Dubai.

By Issa

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