Everyone dreamed of owning a house. I love going to my aunt’s house not because it’s my ideal dwelling place, but because it’s surrounded with breathtakingly beautiful scenery and wonderfully designed homes. Every kid has imagined a grand home to live in. Shape your dream house with these exciting and inspiring home designs!

Have you ever imagined these house designs? When we were young (well, I hardly look old now), we used to compare our house sketches and ask our father whose design is the best. The counter-clockwise house would have won.

By Issa

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6 thoughts on “What’s the Shape of Your Dream House?”
  1. @Elisa. That’s a gorgeous pick. 🙂

    @Earl. You’ll most likely get a house like that. Can I visit your home once it’s done?

  2. I’m with Elisa. The big windows and a huge grand piano and you couldn’t pry me away. But you can’t pry me off a piano in a padded room either, so there you go.

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