Chased by Shadows

Fairies blew dust to my eyes that I couldn’t resist opening them as early as 6am today. Yeah, Peter Pan slept beside me, so Tinker Bell jealously pulled my hair. Alas, sweet slumber no more! Surprisingly, Neverland wasn’t a dream, I woke up having it within grasp.

Why soap ain't glue?

“I say, how do you do it(flying)?” John asked.

“You just think lovely wonderful thoughts,” Peter explained, “and they lift you up in the air.”

Peter Pan never failed to amuse any kids I knew – even after they grew. Since rewatching it is unfitting for a 25 y/o gal with a hectic sked (naks), I invited J.M. Barrie for a nice cup of tea instead. I said I’d wake up with something or someone fascinating every day – a new promise (Oh, Lord, help me keep it).

Fantasy stories are the worst among all fiction, wasting the reader’s precious hours daydreaming make-believe tales – outrageously ill-plotted and pointless. Peter Pan proved me gravely wrong, and perhaps more of his kind would.

About 5pm, an SMS brought delight to a waging dull eve: my stud’s mom wanted me to drop by to help her son work on the Genre chart, which I quickly googled. Reaching their home, my stud and I brainstormed on Story genre, forcing me that Naruto is a fantasy story we could make a chart of. I said it’s adventure. We thought some more ’til Peter Pan rang a bell- the sound he so happily heeded. The chart was simple: Genre-> Title->Author->Characters-> Setting->Drawing of the Main Character.

How could a day begin and end on the same subject, Peter? All right, all right, Peter Pan! Rest those tired shadows chasing me all day.

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