To keep my job, I’ve got to be an expert juggler.

Tabs of varied functions need to be served equally, not to mention the favorite corporate term, “urgently“: MS Excel for delivery tracking, MSN messenger for love life, oopps, office communicator I mean, lotus notes for email alerts, notepad for blog drafts,Les Miserables for reading race, longman dictionary as word aid,and the list goes on. Add to these an ear-splitting phone that never rests longer than ten minutes.

Yes, my desk would drive anyone nuts.

“Do you know how to set the phone on a “Do Not Disturb” mode?”

“Do Not Disturb?” My forehead wrote. I was dumbfounded. Barely did I feel when and how the manager disappeared in front of me. “How could I not know? Because I apparently shouldn’t?” I self-talked. I was denied the wisdom button that would save me half a day’s noise (not a halved pay,though).”Would I ever know and set my life into “Do Not Disturb” mode?” was the more pensive thought I got stuck ’til it was time to go.

As God’s angel struck a prophet’s donkey on a bland day, HäagenDazs dazzled me on my toilsome walk home. I bet I blinked for a moment yet when my sight resumed, a pint of Caramel Biscuit and Cream ice cream clung on my left hand, a sparkling spoon on my right.

Easy, Issa. You’ll miss another tasteful moment if you don’t slow down. Taking out a marker (yeah, my bag has always one or two), I wrote a note: DO NOT DISTURB, Slow melting in progress. Then I vanished into mirthful make-believe.

By Issa

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